Monday, 16 January 2017

Weekly Meal Plan

Last weeks meal plan didn't go very well. The problem wasn't not having the food in it was due to the fact that our second new fridge freezer that was delivered last Sunday was broke. Can you believe that I ordered two fridge freezer both different makes and from difference places and both were broken on arrival. I would like to just point out I don't horde kitchen appliances, the first was ordered arrived and we used it for a day then noticed the seal around the fridge was broken. I bought a new one the next day as returning the other one was proving difficult (thanks Littlewoods!!) so then the other new one came it was broke and I had to wait for a replacement.

Anyway on to what we are planning to eat this week.

Monday - Sausage casserole with mashed potato, sweetcorn and peas.
Tuesday - Beef ragu pasta bake
Wednesday - Jacket potato with beans and cheese
Thursday - Cajun chicken with home-made wedges
Friday - Takeaway
Saturday - Cheesy ham and potato hash
Sunday - Roast beef with potatoes roasted in goose fat, vegetables, yorkshire puddings and gravy

Recipe For Home-made Wedges

900g of baking potatoes cut into wedges
2 egg whites

In a bowl beat the egg whites until they are lightly frothy add salt and pepper to your required taste then cover the wedges. I find it easier to add wedges to the bowl and mix then place them on a tray. You can also add some of cajun coating if you wanted to give the wedges a bit of a spice.

Cook the wedges for 25-30 mins turn them over halfway through cooking.

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