Tuesday, 24 January 2017

VIP E-Liquids Review

We were recently sent 4 e-cig liquids from VIP. They liquids were from their Arcadia Gran Reserva range. 

The liquids received were Aphrodite, The Heretic, Holier Than Thou and Night Screamer. I will go through the flavours of each individually. The liquids were despatched and arrived fairly quickly and although the packaging is not extremely eye catching to use the old phrase, it's what's inside that counts. The bottles are what you would expect from a 10ml bottle, small, plastic and with a tip on the end to insert your liquid into your tank. All the liquids were vibrant colours which if you have read my previous post is something that I like. All the liquids smell like they are meant to taste and none of them really disappointed. I will now go through the flavours individually;

Night Screamer
This bottle is now empty. It is described as "lemonade, vanilla, ice cream and strawberries" this was my favourite liquid, you got a fizzy tastes from the lemonade with a fruity creamy taste caused by the ice cream and strawberries. In my opinion the vanilla was very subtle, so subtle to the point where I barely noticed it. The liquid had a strong throat hit mainly I believe due to the lemonade. This would run well on a starter kit or a lower wattage kit. I found it a bit too harsh in my RX75 and Coolfire100 kit due to the set up I was running and wattage I was using. 

Holier Than Thou
This was defined as a "sweet Apple, kiwi and black grapes" this would be perfect for those of you who enjoy a refreshing taste, it was a light vape something that you could quite easily use as an all day vape the apple and grape were very prominent in this liquid and the kiwi was a slight undertone that lingered between vapes. 

A liquid for those with a sweet tooth, a "strawberry, brown sugar and vanilla custard" the vanilla was at the forefront in my opinion the brown sugar and strawberry mixed perfectly together to rest a sweet kick that smoothly followed the initial vanilla kick. Again this is a flavour that could quite easily be used time on time day on day.

The heretic
This is a banana, cookie and cinnamon combination. I usually steer clear of cinnamon, mainly due to my dislike of the taste but this was a subtle hint of it. The strongest flavour to come through was the banana followed by the cookie taste on the exhale. I tried this liquid last but I am now wishing I had tried it sooner. This would be a great vape for those who like strong sweet flavours with a kick.

Overall these liquids were great. They are affordable at only £4.50 per 10ml bottle or £16 for 30ml. The flavours are very strong and very much as described on the bottles. I would recommend these to anyone who like fruity flavours. Some of the liquids make your mouth water.

Big thank you to VIP for allowing me to review these. I know some of my friends are already considering purchasing some.

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