Friday, 27 January 2017

Online Dating: A Love Story

Five and a bit years ago I decided to join an online dating website. It was something I kept to myself and felt embarrassed about it, after all how many love stories begin with 'well I logged on and had a message'. I had moved to a new area so I didn't have any friends to go out with and where I was working I was ignored by pretty much every member of staff. I was lonely. 

Signing up to the website was really easy. After entering some basic information like name and age you are given a box to describe yourself. This part took me a while. I'm not the most confident person and not used to selling myself plus I added a picture so I didn't need to describe what I looked like. In the end I wrote something about not being very girlie and enjoying playing the Xbox and other games consoles. There was also a section where I could state my preferences on wanting children and marriage. Before sharing my profile with thousands of men I doubled checked everything and switched my profile picture. 

Within in a few minutes my inbox was filling up with messages. I was excited but then I saw the messages:
HotGuy88 - Your fit want to send me a dirty picture
Bigboyy19 - Fancy meeting up for a quickie 
There were so many of these messages which was really disheartening. I felt like a piece of meet and worst of all I had put myself out there to get all these rude messages. There were also a lot of messages pointing out my flaws. I logged out and cried. Yep I cried because I had messages from random people that were clearly not using the website for what it was designed for. I decided to leave it for a few days before logging back in and when I did there weren't many messages. It seemed if you were online you were going to get flooded with stupid messages. 

One message caught my eye because it was normal, no mention of a quickie or sending naked pictures. I looked over the guys profile and although he wasn't my usual type I responded. We spent weeks swapping messages and then we added each other on facebook. This freaked me out a little as his picture was of an old man, I was tempted to just cut all contact but turns out the picture was of some old football manager. We soon had each others numbers and spent nearly all day texting, when I wrote lol I actually was laughing. He always made me smile and giggle. After a couple of months I drove to meet him, stupidly it was at his house and I hadn't told anyone where I was going. Luckily though he was just who he said he was. The first thing he said when we met in person was "Hiya you alright" 
my response "Hmmm you're more northern then I thought you would sound."
That night we sat and played Call Of Duty in his room on the Xbox. I was 21 he was 19 and we had such a good time shooting people. 

Our first proper date was a few weeks later which was a total disaster but he had the charm and he really made me happy and laugh. He was so different to any previous boyfriend and I liked that, he wasn't full on and always made some time for me if I needed it. He wasn't the bad boy who was treating me like dirt. 
We have now been together just over five years and have two amazing and beautiful children. He still makes me laugh and makes time for me. 

So if you are sat thinking about joining a dating site I would say go for it. Not every message will be from some perv or some guy or girl putting you down. Just remember to be safe and never give out personal information like your address. I was stupid in meeting Liam at his house and I should of arranged to meet him somewhere local with plenty of people about. Stay safe and find happiness. 

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