Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Eryn At 5 Months Old

I can't believe my baby girl is 5 month old to me she still seems so little. Over the festive period everything was so busy and rushed that now when I look at her and see what she can do I feel like it has happened over night. Maybe it has?!

Eryn has learned so many new things and of course experienced her first Christmas. She can finally roll over back to belly and belly to back, this was so frustrating as for weeks she would roll onto her side then go back onto her back. I have over a dozen videos on my phone of her teasing to roll. Of course when she did the first roll we all missed it same with the second, third and fourth. She is a pro at rolling now so we see it all the time. 

As you can see she has also found her feet which she loves to try and eat. It is so funny as she will try to get a foot in her mouth and she gets excited kicks her legs and drops her foot. This will go on for a minuets then she gets angry and screams out. Ah yes screaming!! One thing I didn't want my children to inherit from me was my temper Jared has my temper and I think Eryn also will. Eryn has discovered that she can scream and whine which is about as fun as a hole in the head. I love my children but when they are screaming at me I just want to lock them in a shed and leave them for a while. I wouldn't mind if it was a short tantrum but nope it's a case of you know what I'm just going to scream because I have been fed and changed, I've played for a bit and now I just want to scream!!! 

We seem to have also arrived at everything needs to go in my mouth stage meaning everything sleeve on her sleepsuits and tops are soaked. My hair needs to be out of reach and if the dog gets too close then I have to shoo her away or else tails and ears will be grabbed. I'm sure the baby is part ninja as she is super quick to grab something, anything and everything. One thing that I have been letting her gnaw on is her Sophie god she loves that giraffe. Food has been another, I know the books say wait until she is 6 months old but I'm not a text book parent and I will feed my daughter food if I think she is ready for it. Guess what she is ready for it, ok not a 3 course meal but she has half a jar a day. I'm mixing it up a bit and she loves it. 

When it comes to sleeping I can't complain too much. I seem to be raising one stubborn girl here as she will not sleep during the day, in fact today she has had one nap which lasted no longer then 20 minuets. She is so tired during the day but refuses to give in and as a result I have a grumpy baby. However the girl sleeps through the night and has done since she was about one and a half months old. 

According to the charts Eryn is on track but even if she didn't tick all the boxes I would still be happy with her progress. Each baby is different and will do things in their own time. 

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