Friday, 7 October 2016

Moving House

When it comes to moving house I feel somewhat of an expert. I have moved house 10 times, however the last two times weren't as part of a posting with the armed forces and I didn't have two children and a dog to move with me. I must admit I do enjoy moving house it's a great opportunity to de-clutter and start fresh and clean. We had been looking at houses to rent for over a year and nothing seemed suitable or if it was suitable they wouldn't allow pets. So after looking we finally found the perfect rental, we viewed the house and applied for it the same day and three weeks later we were moving in. 

Stage 1 of moving house is packing up everything and only leaving the essentials out which for us was a lot as we had a 8 week old baby. As Liam was at work I was ferrying things across as and when I could during the week. One Wednesday when Liam was off we rented a van through Hertz to shift all the big items, luckily only one thing got broken in transit. 

Stage 2 of moving house is the unpacking which I'm still in the process of this isn't because we have lots of stuff its purely through lack of time. I have got most rooms unpacked in between school runs and nappy changes but a couple of boxes and bags are still waited to be emptied. I enjoy this part of moving as I get to rearrange where everything goes, during this stage I also realised my son has a lot of stuff. 

Stage 3 of moving house making all those change of details calls to the bank, council, DVLA etc. The list is endless plus you have to see who is the cheapest energy provider for this new bigger house, for us it was the same company which is good but if your not sure you can always check on U switch

Stage 4 of moving house is cleaning the old one. Liam dealt with this he cleaned the carpets and bleached the whole house. This is important for a few reason, you might not get your bond back if you don't clean it and also it just shows respect. We had a few issues with the old house which were never fixed even though we had reported it several times none of them our fault (damp). Hopefully the Landlord won't try and use this an excuse to not give us our bond back. 

Stage 5 of moving house relax and enjoy. Seek out your local takeaways have a nice meal and enjoy your new home. Most of the new house is decorated so we don't need to worry about that we are just going to do the bedrooms next year. 

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