Thursday, 15 September 2016

Knowsley Safari Park

Before life returned back to school runs and early mornings we had one last family day out. I spent a few days looking around for a place that we would all enjoy and was suitable to take a 4 week old. After discussing some places with Liam we decided on a trip to Knowsley Safari Park we all love animals so I knew it would be a good day. 

Set off early and managed to leave on time for once which was good as on the way there we hit some traffic around Manchester area. Getting to Knowsley from Wakefield was fairly quick and easy of course when you get closer to the Safari Park it is sign posted. When you get there you drive up to the pay point, we had pre-paid online which also made the tickets cheaper (£36 2 Adults 1 Child ) you get a free activity pack which is fun for the kids as there are stickers to place on the map. There is an option to purchase a guide book but we didn't get one. After paying you can choose to either go straight through Safari or you can park up and have a walk around the where some other animals are, we went for the Safari. 

I have been to Longleat so I knew what to expect. We were lucky because it was a nice sunny day which meant the animals were out. As soon as we drove through we had some animals right next to us, Jared-David went and sat on Liam's lap in the front so he could see them better. The first lot of animal was a mixture of Ungulates which are hooved animals, Camels, a selection of Deer there was even a Somali Wild Ass. There were a few silly jokes about the Somali Wild Ass, which was super cute and looks very similar to a Donkey. On our way round to the Lions we saw some White Rhino's which was amazing although I was terrified that they would charge at the car ( I've seen Jumanji ). There are so many animals and I'm not sure on all of the names of them but they do have a list on their website. They did have Baboons which you can chose if you want to drive through or not, there is a warning that stating that if you choose to drive through them you do so at your own risk. We went through and instantly I began to regret the decision as I saw cars getting ripped apart, the road was covered in bits of windscreen wipers and other car parts. Jared-David found this hilarious and I have to admit it was funny and I will admit I laughed at the brand new 15 and 16 plate cars leaving with no wipers and scratches. We had a few Baboons jump on the car one gnawed at the screen wash part on the bonnet and luckily that was all that happened. The Baboons was my favourite part it was so interactive and so funny. 

After our Safari drive we parked up to explore the rest of the park. This is where the Elephants and Giraffes were. Two of the Elephants were eating and it was amazing to be so close to them where the Giraffes were there was a platform which Jared-David and Liam went up so they could be level with them. Unfortunately there is no way for those with pushchairs or wheelchairs to get access to this platform. As well as having a Safari drive the park has a few shows throughout the day one of birds of prey and sea lion, I really wanted to see the sea lion show but due to access I couldn't. They have a wild trail which we found fun and although not suitable for pushchairs we did force it round. Whilst walking the trail we spotted the moose in the middle and took part in a scent trail which they have dotted around the track, we had the pleasure of sniffing badger poo. After the trail walk Jared-David and me went for a wonder in the bat caves, I practically crawled on the floor and still had bats fly into my head.

There are a few rides at the park which require you to purchase tokens, Liam took Jared-David on a little ride which was rather expensive to say they weren't on it for long. The food at the park is really good value for money and filled us up, well we still had room for ice cream but the food was nice. I really enjoyed our day out but I do think they would benefit from making the walk around area's and show area more pushchair and wheelchair friendly, as most people who tend to visit these places are families and many have small children who are in a pushchair. Of course there is the option to leave your pushchair and enter some parts but you do so at your own risk and we had a 4 week old and a lot of stuff on the pushchair. 

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