Thursday, 8 September 2016


A few weeks ago there was an event in Leeds held by Cotton Traders to celebrate their century of great British summers. The event was a summer throw back with fairground games and a BBQ. Unfortunately we didn't end up going to the event but the lovely people sent us a box full of goodies so we didn't miss out. 

A lot has changed in a century from fashion to how we spend our summer days which you can read all about on their website. Usually as a family we would go on a little holiday however this year what with having Eryn-Rose we had to settle for a day trip and fun at home and local parks. Trying to keep a four year old occupied in the house can be hard work and although we did have day trips Jared-David did get bored on the days when we were home. So what did we get in the box I hear you cry?

Sunglasses, ok so as a country we are not famous for the sun but these little beauties are still needed. We got two pairs Eryn-Rose is modelling a nice yellow pair and Jared-David got the blue pair. Little fact for you - sunglasses were invented in the 12th century. Over the years they have become more stylish and also more protective. 

This was my favourite goodie, a design your own kite. Jared-David was busy colouring his it had been raining and I was feeling creative. Since the PokemonGo app Jared-David has found an interest in them so I thought I would use the other kite to create a one of a kind Pokemon kite. These are great and will keep your kids (and adults) entertained for a long time. Kite have been around for years and I pretty sure every kid loves flying one. 

There were a selection of inflatables for us to play with including the Saxophone which Jared-David is posing with. We also got an inflatable lolli pop and the beach time classic a beach ball. I think the beach ball is the most played with at the beach a side from buckets and spades, we like to take them to the outdoor swimming pool as well. 

pasty face shows that I haven't been in the sun much but hey I have a stick of rock so I'm happy. Jared-David was opening the rock before I could even see what flavour it was, it's bubble gum. We got a few other sweets and some bubbles which we all enjoyed including the dog. It has been really receiving these items it made me think of how summer has changed from when I was a child. I want to make sure that my children enjoy a summer outside engaging with the family and these items will definitely help. Please do take a look at the Cotton Traders  celebrating a century of summer, it's interesting to see how things have changed since 1920. 

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