Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Say Hello To The New Blogging Member

Meet my daughter Eryn-Rose ValerieBurton. She came into the world at 11:35 July 30th weighing 7lbs (not bad to say I had gestational diabetes).

My labour, geez what a faff as you may of established nothing in my pregnancy went as planned! So why would my labour? On Friday the 29th I thought I wet the bed, surely it wasn't my waters as it was only a small amount. Up I got to go tother toilet I leaked a little on my way. Embarrassing!! I was up and down and couldn't sleep so I rang the assessment unit who said to keep an eye on it (panicking I was 5cm on Wednesday and hadn't felt a thing). I couldn't sleep at all, actually that's a lie I rang the assessment unit an hour later who asked me to go up I than had an hour.

We dropped Jared-David off with his Nanna and then off we went, Liam, my Mum and me (still leaking like a tap). They had a look at my pad and said yep it's slow leaking waters, fantastic! At first I needed sewing up to keep her in and now she is in no rush, typical! They told me they would just induce me which was a relief but then the fear set in. Not about having her oh no! But the pain of being induced. I got a room and had to wait until there was space on labour ward. I walked and walked in hope of bringing it on each step leaking more paranoid I would end up soaking myself. I didn't. At 10pm (12 hours later) I was still waiting I sent Liam home as he had a rugby game to go to and with what we had been told I was sure I wouldn't go across for a while yet. Did you know they will induce you at 4am? I had no idea but everyone was getting contractions and taken across and I was just laid there with not even a twinge.

6Am I was woken after about half an hours sleep (every emotion running through me). I was told it was time, exciting and scary. Could I go through this? Well I had no choice even if I didn't want to. This was happening I was having a baby today!! Quick check and I was told I was fully dilated (yep still not a twinge lucky I was told). I turned on the Coronation Street omnibus whilst they hooked me up to my insulin drip and the artificial hormone to kick start labour, oh they also broke my forewaters as they were still intact.
 As you can see I was slightly bored but now I was hooked up (9:30) I started to get a few cramps after a few minutes they got more painful and I requested gas and air. My mum was watching the monitor which recorded how strong the contractions were, her face said it all as they got stronger and longer. The whole time during me pushing this baby out I could hear David Platt and I just wanted to smack him in the face. Maybe it was good job that my boyfriend was currently on his way to Leigh to watch rugby. Eryn-Rose entered the world at 11:35 and she was just perfect, I was tired and my mum was beginning to feel better after nearly passing out. 
To any woman reading this who is currently waiting to meet their tiny human, I just want to say Good Luck!! also don't expect the delivery to be like you see on TV, only around 10% of women's waters break before labour. Enjoy your birth and just remember don't scream or shout but your chin on your chest and push!!

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