Thursday, 18 August 2016

Diary Doll Review And Giveaway

 Lets talk about underwear, not a subject most people will talk about but we all have similar habits when it comes to your knickers. You will have knickers that are comfy and for everyday use, sexy knickers for when you are going out or having a romantic night with the other half and then you have them knickers that are only used for that time of the month. 

Diary Doll are pants that will make you feel more comfortable and confident, for when you are on your period or if you have a weak pelvic floor and leak a little when you laugh. You know what I mean that moment when you think it is safe to laugh or cough/sneeze but then a little bit of wee comes out. These pants were thought of with young women in mind who may suffer with heavy periods, I know that when I was a teenager I was so paranoid that when I was on my period I would leak and be the subject of the latest school taunts! I would of welcomed these pants. What makes these pants different is that they have a secret waterproof panel. This is what prevents the possible leakage.

So how did I get on with them? I had just had Eryn-Rose so this was the perfect time for me to try them out. Before I say what I liked about them I just want to touch on the packaging. One pant was on a little coat hanger and had the tag attached, I love the design label I think it is super cute and it doesn't seem to target any certain age group. The other pants came in a little box which gives you some information on the bottom, inside the box the pants are neatly folded and there is a little signature from Annabel and Carol which I think is a nice touch. Any way back to the pants, I found them really comfortable and soft. My first fear was that the waterproof panel might make me sweaty down there and also be really uncomfortable, you can't tell at all that the panel is there once they are on and I also didn't get sweaty which is a bonus. I felt more confident in going out when I had these on as I was certain that if I did leak that the pants had me covered. My mum tried out the second pair I thought it might be best to get two opinions from two different age ranges and different pant problems. My mum found them comfortable and light to wear which I agree with as it kind of feels like you are going commando! My mum has a busy job and she does suffer from the cough and leak problem, so for her to they needed to be comfortable while running around at work. My mum was happy with the sizing and said that they were a comfortable fit and also didn't lose any shape or feel after being washed. I'm really happy with the pants and they are a welcome addition to my underwear draw.


If you fancy a pair you can purchase them from Diary Doll they are also available in 122 Boots stores, they are priced at £14.95. If you are feeling lucky you can enter below to win a the pants in size 14-16 in Black.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

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