Monday, 11 July 2016

What I Have Packed In My Hospital Bag

On Friday I'm off to hospital to have my stitch taken out! There is a mix of emotions, I'm excited because that means I'm closer to meeting this little girl I have been carrying around for the last 36 weeks and I'm also petrified because of the procedure. Having that needle in my back again is something that I'm really not looking forward too, it's making me feel really anxious I'm also trying to just act normal so Jared doesn't sense anything. 

When my stitch is removed there is a possibility that I could go into labour there and then!! I have chosen to pack my bag and be as prepared as possible, as last time we didn't even have a car seat thanks to him coming at 28 weeks. I wasn't (and I'm still not) fully sure on what to pack so if you can see anything I have missed off the list that I will need then please let me know. 

What I have packed for me: 

  • I have a pair of old shorts and T-Shirt to wear during labour so I can just throw them out if they get too messy. 
  • Disposable knickers I got these from Asda a pack of 5 for £1.45.
  • Maternity towels from Mothercare a pack of 48 for £5
  • Witch Hazel gel to place on the maternity towels to help soothe afterwards I got this from Boots £1.99
  • Breast Pads Eco by Naty I'm not sure where I got these from but I read about them and they sound really good but I will review these at a later stage. 
  • Nipple cream, who knew there were so many to choose from I kind of closed my eyes and picked one and got Derma Mum nipple balm. 
  • I got myself some new PJ's for afterwards I got these from primark and they are Jungle Book which is a film I love and yes I have seen the new one. 
  • I have also packed my shampoo and conditioner which I have been using throughout my pregnancy, it is really good and has been leaving my hair nice and soft. As well as that I will add my make up bag a hairbrush and my other toiletries when I need to. 
I will have a few other items with me like a book (Like A Charm by Karin Slaughter) to help pass time and my tablet and charger etc. Snack wise I haven't even thought much about that as my blood glucose levels will be monitored every hour so I'm not too sure on what I can actually have yet?! 

What I have packed for baby:
  • Four vests not all from the same pack just a nice random selection which we all had a say in. 
  • Four sleepsuits two of which are pictured above. 
  • A going home/pictures outfit which is what Jared chose for her when we found out it was a her. 
  • A pack of nappies, we are using Aldi nappies we used them on Jared and they were fine he was fine so we were all happy. 
  • A pack of Huggies pure wipes suitable from birth. 
  • Two hats one thinner then the other, with how the weather has been I thought it might be best.
  • A nice soft blanket for her to snuggle into. 
  • She has a little teddy waiting to meet her also which Jared bought for her. 
So that pretty much covers everything that I have packed and I just hope that that is everything I need?! I'm going to breastfeed so I don't think I need milk etc well at least I hope not as I would rather not buy any. 

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