Saturday, 4 June 2016

Fathers Day Crafts

Now that I have no more work I can enjoy spending time with my son. Something that we love to do is get out the making and doing box and get creative and with fathers day coming up we thought we would make Granddad and Gang-gang a card. 

We made the blue shirt and tie card first. To make the shirt I got the card folded it in half then about an inch down from the top I cut into the middle roughly an inch and a third of the way in. I cut the back straight across to make the shirt collar stand out. I folded the two parts at the front at an angle to create the collar. There are different ways of creating the shirt but this is the easiest one that I could find. I then made the tie which involved a lot of folding and me getting annoyed at the card for not doing what I wanted it to do which is why one shirt has a tie and the other does not. For the tie I found some instructions there may be other ways but again these are the ones I used, if you have any simpler ways of folding a tie then please leave me a link. So after my part I let the boy loose, he chose to use glitter and stars for the tie and lots of gloopy PVA glue (getting messy is the best bit). Jared didn't want to decorate the blue shirt and I kind of agree with that. Once the tie was dry I place it in position and stuck it all down, again I had a few words with the card to make it co-operate with me.

The second design of card we chose to do was rather simple, once I explained to Jared that you can't paint pasta yellow as pasta is already yellow. We got a bowl full of different shaped pasta partly because we weren't sure what we were actually going to with it. So we painted pasta lots and lots of pasta. Jared asked me why this pasta was a bow, I have no idea why it's a bow shape but I'm glad it is now. We picked three painted pasta bows and glued them down to some folded card and that was it, a simple but nice design for a fathers day card. 

I feel like the card is missing something I did overlay some writing but it just didn't look right and now I'm at a loss of how to make this card look complete. I even went through all of my card making bits in the hopes of finding something to finish it off. I'm open to suggestions so please leave them in the comments. 

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