Monday, 18 April 2016

Thomas The Tank Engine: A visit to London

If you have a child obsessed with Thomas you probably have seen that a new Thomas The Tank Engine book was launched on the 7th of April. We were lucky to be sent a copy which my son eagerly waited for all morning, asking every 5 minuets until the post arrived "Is my new Thomas book here" and when it arrived he jumped around and was so happy. 

Of course we had to read the book there and then, which then prompted the question "Can we go to London with Thomas?" I had to explain that he had already been and that he was now back at Sodor to which he said "well just write to him then it's my birthday soon". 
See the story is about Thomas travelling with the Fat Controller to visit the Queen for her 90th birthday, which is why Jared now thinks I can get Thomas to come visit him. The book was really good, it features some of the iconic landmarks of London with fabulous illustrations of them too. We are now planning a trip to London for next year so we can show Jared the places he has seen in the book, it is a great way to show children these landmarks and to celebrate the Queens birthday. 

I haven't added as many pictures as I would normally simply because I don't want to ruin the book for you which is also why I have given an outline of the story. It's more exciting to share it together. 
Jared gave Thomas and his journey to London a Thumbs up, it is a must have book for all Thomas fans big and small and can be purchased for £6.99. 

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