Friday, 29 April 2016

Pregnancy: Week 25

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and getting more anxious as time goes on. To be honest I'm fed up!! I feel more relaxed with having the stitch now better then I first did as I was sure something was going to go wrong, but it hasn't and this little girl is wriggling and kicking away. 

I can't really remember how I felt with Jared at this stage in pregnancy but with this one I'm so tired and hungry. I think if I could just sleep and eat all day it would be great but unfortunately live in the real world and have a nursery run then a day at work so barely get to do either. Plus side is I haven't put that much weight on this time round, it's nice to know my clothes don't fit due to the ever growing baby bump instead of a food baby. Part of me wants to buy some more nice maternity clothes but then I keep thinking do I want to spend that much when I could end up having her in about 3 weeks time (if we go on the fact that Jared was born at 28 weeks). Maybe this is why I'm feeling frustrated and fed up?! 

Thinking about it it would make sense for me as I have never in all 4 previous pregnancies been pregnant for longer than 28 weeks. So it could be a sub concious thing and my brain is freaking out about the fact that we haven't got everything ready yet. It's strange to think that if I get past 28 weeks (which I should thanks to the stitch) then I will have loads of firsts. I have an appointment into weeks to check my cervix and the stitch, this is where we will discuss a date about having it removed. This is the conversation I'm not looking forward to as I point blank refuse to have the spinal anaesthetic again, the thought of it makes me feel sick and dizzy and I know that I can not go through that again. 

Jared is so excited about his baby sister, he kisses and cuddles the bump he also enjoys talking to her and reading her stories. The other day he told me that his sister would be so beautiful and he would love her so much, I must admit it made me well up. I'm still really nervous about how he will act when she is here as he is such a mummy's boy but daddy is taking him to rugby and trying set certain daddy and son activities in the hopes that it will make it easier for him to adjust to the fact that he will not be the only child and has to share mummy and daddy. If you have any tips on this then please share them with me as I need them.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Oroblu Leggings

As my belly expands I find it incredibly more difficult to fit into my own clothes and when you have days out and occasions to wear something smarter then a pair of baggy jogging bottoms. I have found that wearing leggings is a great way to be able to feel comfortable and create a nice outfit, leggings can literally be worn for any occasion. 

I fell in love with a pair of leggings from UK tights. They have a nice selection of tights and leggings and have a few maternity items. The leggings I got are bold compared to what I would normally wear, which is plain black paired with a long top. I guess you could say I'm not very adventurous however I stepped completely out of my comfort zone with these leggings. 


I paired these leggings up with a nice blue vest top. The oroblu leggings are really comfortable, I wore them to a Macklemore concert at the weekend. With most leggings I end up really cold but the material was thicker, they are made from 93% Polyamide and 7% Elastane. I have thought of a few combinations to style these leggings, a pair of bright coloured heels would look amazing with these. I washed them on my regular cycle (30 degree wash) and they washed really well no bobbles or snags. I'm now thinking of occasions where I can wear them more. 

On the Uk tights website there are a few Oroblu products leggings, tights, socks (I have a few on my wishlist). This particular pair costs £32.99, I would definitely recommend looking through the collect especially if you are a fan of the more bolder look.   

Monday, 18 April 2016

Thomas The Tank Engine: A visit to London

If you have a child obsessed with Thomas you probably have seen that a new Thomas The Tank Engine book was launched on the 7th of April. We were lucky to be sent a copy which my son eagerly waited for all morning, asking every 5 minuets until the post arrived "Is my new Thomas book here" and when it arrived he jumped around and was so happy. 

Of course we had to read the book there and then, which then prompted the question "Can we go to London with Thomas?" I had to explain that he had already been and that he was now back at Sodor to which he said "well just write to him then it's my birthday soon". 
See the story is about Thomas travelling with the Fat Controller to visit the Queen for her 90th birthday, which is why Jared now thinks I can get Thomas to come visit him. The book was really good, it features some of the iconic landmarks of London with fabulous illustrations of them too. We are now planning a trip to London for next year so we can show Jared the places he has seen in the book, it is a great way to show children these landmarks and to celebrate the Queens birthday. 

I haven't added as many pictures as I would normally simply because I don't want to ruin the book for you which is also why I have given an outline of the story. It's more exciting to share it together. 
Jared gave Thomas and his journey to London a Thumbs up, it is a must have book for all Thomas fans big and small and can be purchased for £6.99. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Kirklees light railway

So, Liam took the last two weeks off work to help around the house and with Jared during my recovery period, we had already bought tickets to the Kirklees Light Railway prior to the operations so we decided to go instead of wasting the tickets. If you don't know anything about the place then its a small steam train railway line between two villages of Clayton West and Shelley. We picked up Liams mum and set off to Clayton West which is a little place situated between Wakefield and Huddersfield. Parking is free and tickets for the train are £7.50 per Adult and £5.50 for children over 3. The ticket allows you to ride all day except when they hold special events. At Clayton west there is a playground, a mini train ride, a cafe, the shop and you can have a look at the trains in the train shed. The train ride is about 20 minutes long so you quite easily get your moneys worth. The route takes you through some of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and you go past Emley moor mast which can be seen for miles around.  We went for the Easter Eggspress event so when we arrived at Shelley station we were met by the Easter bunny, he needed the children's help to find his food. The children had to run around the play area to find carrots, once the children had found a carrot they could take it to the Easter bunny for a little chocolate egg. There was a special prize, hidden in the play area were 3 golden eggs, if you were lucky enough to find one of these then you won an Easter egg. There were plenty of things to do at Shelley station, there was a tram ride, life size snakes and ladders, connect 4, a bouncy castle, the arts and craft's tent, puppet show along with the play ground as previously mentioned. For adults there is a bbq and a cafe. It was a great day out and did not break the bank. If you are considering going to the railway I would strongly suggest purchasing your tickets online, the trains have limited seating so booking your seats is the best way to ensure your not waiting around. A link to their website can be found here. We all throughly enjoyed ourselves. There was something for everyone and I would definately go again.

Friday, 1 April 2016

A Week On

It has been just over a week since having the Shirodkar (cervical stitch) placed. Physically I'm doing well I get the odd pain in the area where I'm guessing the stitch is, it's not painful it's just like a scratch type pain then feels uncomfortable. I mainly get that feeling after walking doesn't seem to make a difference if I walk a lot or a little, the midwife reassured me that this is normal and nothing to worry about unless I'm bleeding and in pain. I'm having the weekly progesterone injections which had me in tears the other day as I'm over to different NHS trusts and my GP refused point blank to give me these injections that I need resulting in me driving to the hospital to get a prescription and get the shot in my bum, as this is weekly I have to go to the Ante-Natal day clinic every Thursday for these. They really sting and are uncomfortable when sitting down as your bum muscle/fat moves when you sit down squishing the spot where it's just gone. 

Emotionally I'm managing to hold it together, just about. Any pregnant woman knows that pregnancy is a roller coaster of tears and laughing, however I spend more of my time crying. It has been very stressful for us and I have done nothing but worry to the point that google is getting fed up with me asking the same questions and I can never find the answers that I want. Which is why I'm writing about this I want to known if the pain I sometimes get in my vagina is normal without having to ring my midwife, if I had to ring her with every question or worry I would use all my unlimited minuets. I feel jealous of all my friends who are also pregnant, they are having a smooth pregnancy enjoying the kicks and the extra slice of pizza. I'm sure some of you reading this will understand where I'm coming from. On trying to keep myself from going insane I have been shopping and finding all sorts of wonderful baby items that I would love, I will be writing a list of these up some I may have and some may just be on my wishlist. 

I hope any of you reading this who are in the same boat as me can feel you relate to some of this and leave a comment if you wish I will get back to.