Friday, 11 December 2015

My not so Wowcher experience

I joined Wowcher a few months ago and thought it would be great to get some good deals just before Christmas and even treat myself. I spent a few weeks looking at deals and finding ones that I knew would actually be useful as many of the items I find are items that you would buy just because the price is lower unless you were buying for a friend as a gift. 

My first purchase was a mystery electronics gift. Wowcher gave a list of what the item could be I thought the items sounded good and I like a surprise so I bought the cheaper one (£10 plus postage). I redeemed my voucher code which is an awkward process it could be much more simple, I then received my confirmation email and I could download my receipt which also informed me my product would arrive in 14 working days. Well 14 days came and went and still no sign of the parcel I contacted Wowcher, after checking with neighbours and speaking to my postman just to double check. They informed that they would chase this up and get back to me, the longer I waited the more I wanted to just get my money back so I asked for a refund, which they wouldn't give to me as apparently my item had been posted and could arrive any day (yeah right). I left it a bit longer and still no delivery of mystery item maybe that was the mystery I guess I will never know, I emailed them again and finally got my refund. Annoyingly my refund was Wowcher credit meaning I had to use them again so I gave the boyfriend a list of items I liked and said get me something for Christmas. 

The boyfriend ordered me two things but as it was not very clear on how to use the credit he ended up spending money (men and shopping!!). These items also did not arrive when stated and as it wasn't actually Wowcher supplying the items it meant we had to contact the merchant directly, which I ended up doing as it was my email address and my Wowcher account (ruining Christmas part 1) the merchants responded in a fair time and the items did arrive, they did however inform me that the 5 working days stated by Wowcher for delivery is wrong and that they don't know why they always put this. I haven't seen the bag and bracelet as I wanted it to have some surprise but the boyfriend ensures me they are good. 

As we still had this credit to use I decided to give them another go and bought a 7" tablet using the credit and money, a Christmas present for the boyfriends mum. I placed the order I redeemed the code I was given a will be delivered in xyz amount of days. Bet you can't guess what happened!! well it never arrived (ruining Christmas part2) so I left it longer then the stated delivery time remembering what the other company had told me, still no tablet. I sent qualite an email I included all the information that I had from Wowcher, I got no response so I sent another two emails still no response so I contacted Wowcher. Then Wowcher contacted them no reply so I requested a refund I got my credit back and the rest put into my paypal account. Wowcher really took the biscuit this time though as they sent me a few emails saying I couldn't have a refund as I hadn't waited 72hrs when I had waited 72hrs they had just sent me several emails one day after another confusing themselves. Unfortunately I had to use my credit despite never wanting to use them again but it is my money and it's £15 so I bought something just Tassimo pods but I won't hold my breath on them turning up either which means I will be getting my credit back yet again. 

I would advise you to stay clear of Wowcher now matter how good the deal is, as I would hate for others to spend their money and never receive the item. I purchased another tablet for the boyfriends mum but this was only last week (as I had to wait for my Wowcher refund) so I hope it arrives in time for Christmas or else there will be no present for her to open except for the added extras that were bought which clearly can't be given without the tablet. 

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