Tuesday, 26 May 2015

nightmare in May

The past few weeks have been a nightmare for me. I have been at work a lot which is fine I love my job! During my time, you know the time you kick back and relax? Well I haven't relaxed and although I have been working on blog post I haven't fully finished them. This weekend I will have some lovely reviews for you all with a competition. 

So my nightmare week began by mountains of housework, after my long 24 hour shifts I really don't want to be cleaning my house and doing washing, but I left it for a day too long and ended up with back to back wash cycles and a carpet in need of a good Hoover. I have left the cooking to the boyfriend which I feel bad about but truth is I'm just too exhausted to even prep and cook something. I fully appreciate that he has been a slave to the cooker as he also works. I was so looking forward to a weekend off and enjoying my son's birthday I had it all planned, Friday shopping for picnic food and balloons making his cake, Saturday family day out to Yorkshire wildlife park, and Sunday a family BBQ to celebrate my boys 3rd birthday. So my plans were ruined! On Thursday my car broke, wouldn't keep hold of water but can't find a leak. We had no choice but to buy a new car, so my Friday was spent on autotrader and Saturday was going here there and everywhere to buy a car. We took Jared to Yorkshire wildlife park on the Sunday, he was in a bad mood! 

If you haven't been to Yorkshire wildlife, I wouldn't bother. The food is way over priced but I will write about that in another post. So Jared was hrumpy, I was tired Liam was just kind of keeping out the way. I got in a mood and was upset and felt like I let Jared down and cried. Liam came over and he cheered me up a bit and we made what we could out of what was left of Jareds birthday.

My question is how do you blogging working mummies and daddies keep on top of it all? I need more hours in a day.

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