Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Memoirs of a balloon

When I was a little girl I had a Barbie arm, you know how Barbie's armpit sticks out rather then dents in. Yeah! Well I had that. I can't remember it ever causing me pain I was about 7. Anyway for some reason or another the decision had been made that I would have this ball removed. My first operation, I have had another two since and ways always a regular in A&E. 

On operation day I remember being so hungry and my mum and nan promised me a McDonald's afterwards. I was wearing a fancy hospital gown laid on a bed that made me feel tiny. If my memory serves me right I wasn't scared, just excited that I would get a McDonald's. The one bit I was scared of was a needle that went into my hand, a nurse put a blob of numbing cream on my hand stuck a clear plaster over the top and drew a smiley face. I was wheeled down with mum by my side and had that magic sleeping juic,  I think I got to number 6 before I was zonked. When I opened my eyes there was this big smiley clown face floating next to me. This is my very first memory of getting a balloon, I loved that balloon. He stayed a float for a good two weeks, I can't describe the clown but I know it was a clown and I loved it. My mum is surprised that I still remember it but I do have a good memory. 

Getting my clown balloon was great as I always wanted one of those big special balloons. On my birthday only ever got the small breath filled ones which where good for playing games like, don't let it touch the ground and slow motion tennis. After getting my clown I found a soft spot for balloons (which my mum is scared of) I even went to hot air balloon shows I'm sure I have pictures of me running away from a giant dragon.  

http://www.perfectpartyuk.com/weloveballoons  currently have a awesome competition going and this is my entry. I'm also having a scout on their website to find some balloons for my son's 3rd birthday. Good luck all who enter and thanks for reading my first balloon memory.

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