Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dry Like Me Review

Potty training is under way in our house, and to help Jared along we got sent the early days training pads. When I first saw them I was a little shocked at how much they looked like ladies sanitary towels and was a bit reluctant about using them. They stick into your little ones pants just like sanitary pads sit in ladies pants. Each box contains 14 pads and are one size, the design is basic but they don't need a fancy pattern as like I mentioned they just stick inside the pants and act like liners. 

Before trying these we were using pull ups, which weren't working as Jared saw them as a nappy and didn't pull them down to use the toilet no matter how much we encouraged or asked him if he needed the potty. With the training pads he noticed that he had his big boy pants on and that if he needed a wee he needed to take them down and sit on his potty. Of course there were a few mistakes but not many. For the past few weeks we have been getting him used to using the potty and haven't yet ventured anywhere with no nappy. 

I have found with the pads it makes the transition from nappy to potty a lot easier and less stressful, also not as many accidents. When we do go out and about I know taking the pads will be much easier then the pull ups, for one the are much smaller so if like me you abandoned your changing bag months ago you can just pop a few in the free carry pouch and place them in your handbag. Another great thing is that they are simple to use, unlike pull ups you don't have to carefully pull them up in case the sides rip and no fight with your child who just wants to wear big boy pants. 

You can purchase these on the dry like me website, where you will also find other potty training products including the potty training book and night time pads. I think that the products are fairly priced in comparison to other potty training aids. Dry like me has had their first advert go live on TV this week but if you haven't already seen it then you can view it on their website.

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