Thursday, 15 January 2015

Toucan box

A little box slipped through our letterbox, as normal Jared went running for the post. The little box had pictures and patterns all over it. It was our Toucan box which we had order only a week before. If you haven't heard of Toucan box it is a subscription box but aimed at children and doing crafts. Your first box is free if you use a promo code which you can get on facebook, which is how I came across them. After the first box it cost from £3.95 a fortnight but you can choose a plan that suits you best. So time to open the box and see what crafty thing we were going to make. 

The box contains everything you need to make the craft that they send you. The only thing that wasn't included was scissors. The instructions were really easy for me to follow, now my son is only two so this was a bit tricky for him. There were three pieces of felt so I let Jared pick which colour he wanted the body of the mouse to be and which colour for the ears. I then used the templates that come with the kit to cut out the shapes, and make the body and ears of the mouse.

We had the basic parts of the mouse the next part was to stick on the googly eyes a sequin nose and make the tail. This is where Jared could help he stuck on the eyes and picked which sequin he wanted for the nose and chose the colours for the tail. 

We had enough materials to make three mice. Which we then used to make a story with after Jared had named them. The three mice are now called Green, Digger and House. To make these mice it doesn't take long we spent about half an hour on making them but then we played with them after for about an hour telling stories and singing 'three blind mice'. I would suggest using some glue to stick on the eyes as the sticky pads that are provided to fall off and I have been popping eyes on all day since. The good thing about this is that we always have the template and the instruction so we can make these in the future or he can make them at his Nanna's. 

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