Sunday, 7 September 2014

So far yet so close

If you are anything like me you will already have bought a load of prezzie's ready for Christmas. If you haven't started then you will be thinking I'm crazy and we have ages yet, well not to scare you but it is only 108 days away. So this little post will be full of some bargains that I have found and will hopefully help not just me but you shop for the most expensive time of the year. 

Kids 7" Android Tablet £34

This tablet is great if you have a young child that loves playing on your gadgets but you don't want to spend a fortune on buying an expensive tablet. The tablet runs on Android has a rear and front facing camera which is fab if you have a child that likes to look at themselves and take silly pictures like my son. To get the deal you will need to sign up to the website which is free and totally worth it. Just click here to go to the website. 

Crazy Critter Slippers £9

Here is another for the kids, the slippers that I wish I could fit into. There are several styles to choose from, Giraffes who's eyes blink when you walk, Crocodiles with a snappy mouth, Poodles who's ears wag with each step you take, Horse who's ears move, a cheeky Monkey where the mouth moves and Monster design who has winking eyes. You will need to sign up to the website in order to get the deal follow this link to take a look. 

Three Piece Jewellery Set £22

This set includes a pendant, stud earrings and a bangle. This is a lovely little set perfect for any women who loves to sparkle. Again you do need to sign up to the website to get this deal so here is the link for this lovely deal. 

24 Coloured Hair Chalks £12

These are great for anybody who wants a crazy hair colour but not all the time. You could have green and purple hair if you really wanted or have different shades of blue going on. These are fun and funky perfect for any age as they wash out with shampoo. I know I'm repeating but sign up to get the deal link.

U8 Smart Watch £23.52

This is currently on offer and the offer runs out in 1 day and 13 hours (this was the length left while posting). This watch is pretty good and men love watches right?! but it can be worn by ladies to. So apart from telling you the time this watch is compatible with Android/iOS smartphones meaning you can take hands free calls. From what I have read and can make out it is a great little gadget if you are into sports e.g. running. Click here for the deal but be quick before the price goes back up to £39.20

I hope some of these are helpful and I will be back next Sunday with another bargain post. I will try to include a few more for the men but they are tricky to find. Don't forget to check back during the week now I'm back up and running. 

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