Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My latest purchase

I have been super busy again so my blog has been left until last on my list of to do's. I hope you have all had a look at my competition on my previous post. 

Lately I have found a new little geeky love. The Hobbit!! One night last week we were flicking through the TV planner and nothing was on so we checked Netflix and Amazon and came across The Hobbit. I have never been into the whole Lord of the rings thing when it first came out. Anyway we watched The Hobbit and I was like "OMG how did I ever convince myself I would hate this thing". I have now bought The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, plus Lord of the rings box set. I thought we would watch the prequels first as it always makes more sense to me doing it that way. Also Lord of the rings Lego was purchased which is a fantastic game, but I love the Lego games anyway. Of course like everyone else that finds there new geeky love you set a ringtone on your phone and think yeah now I am a true fan. I hope more than just me does this otherwise I may need help!!!! 

The Hobbit is a great film and I would urge anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it. I would suggest you start with the Hobbit films first then do the Lord of the rings set. As for the Lego games buy them all and some food and lock yourself in your room and do not leave until you have done them all. By far the best games available for any console. I will be writing a review of the first and second Hobbit film but I promise not to spoil it for you.  

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