Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Oh Precious Time

I'm fairly confident in saying that I don't think I'm the only person who never has any time. As you may have noticed my blog has been a bit slow on the posts as of late. I have been really stressed lately and spent a lot of my time crying and feeling frustrated that I just never seem to have any spare time. This is mainly because I have been working my little tush off, I have been doing as much overtime as possible so that when we go on our first family holiday in August it will be care free and we won't have to penny pinch (that is the aim anyway). While I have be stressing about any and everything it got me thinking, we take time for granted. There have been a few deaths recently of young parents the most recent being that of Peaches Geldof. When a tragedy like this happens I think it makes many of us realise that we maybe don't spend as much time concentrating on the most important things in our lives. I'm guilty of this, although I spend time with my son and my boyfriend I don't think it is enough. Most days before my busy day starts and I fly off to work Jared watches TV and plays with his toys, while I clean the house, do the washing, make my lunch and fit in an hours worth of uni work. After this I need to get ready get Jared in the car and drop him off before I go to work to later come home with him tucked up in bed asleep. I know this doesn't make me a bad parent but I know that I could improve and maybe let the house be a mess for a day or two while I play with him and read books. I think of these families who have had time stolen from them and who won't get to make any more memories, after all memories are the things we remember when we lose someone. The point I'm trying to make is do we spend enough time with our family? and not just the family that live in the same house as us but the family we have that live further a field. 

I have made a promise to myself that I need more memories and more pictures of good times with family and friends. Once a month I will take my son out somewhere, work will not be discussed or housework. I enjoy my life but there are areas that need improving. Time is precious and we all need more of it but until someone invents a time machine or Bernards watch then we have to make the most of what we have. So mummies, daddies, sons and daughters forget the washing the football or spending time with your friends and just spend an hour being silly and enjoying the family that you have because you never know when time will run out. I'm sorry that the post is slightly on  a down note but I had to get this off my chest and let my feelings be known as I'm tired of getting upset over the little things that I know I can change, this week has been a real eye opener for me as I have seen some heart breaking things and read some stories that truly made me see that time really isn't on our side. 

                                                                RIP Peaches Geldof 
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