Monday, 14 April 2014

A child's first

Like most parents I keep Jared's first everything. We have a box that is full of all his hospital tubes and protective sponge glasses, the box also has a teeny tiny nappy in that was the first size small enough for him which was still to big. Over the past two years he has had a lot of first time things nearly everything from his first birthday party has been kept, and now gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. This morning while going on a crazy clean half dressed as the mess distracted me, I found Jared's first toothbrush as much as I thought "aww I will place this in a box", it got binned. All I could think of was the bacteria that had set up home on the bristles. I'm curious as to what items are acceptable to keep?! Keeping a lock of hair seems fine for me but teeth make my stomach turn. We all know how small teeth are anyway so do we or others really need to see teeth from when we were a baby? 

I have a collection of stuff I think is the most appropriate word to use here. All this stuff is shoved in my wardrobe, I have school tops which friends signed, Diary, Stamps, Letters, Drawings and certificates that I got growing up. To me these things have memories attached so they are worth keeping, along with pictures. I'd be sick if I found one of my teeth just there staring at me, why? what does this trigger to me apart from the fact that at some point in my life my teeth were little like I was. I decided to look at why people kept things like teeth and hair from a baby.

In Japan the lower baby teeth are thrown onto the roof and the upper tooth is thrown under the home. It is though that if top tooth is thrown under it will grow healthy downwards and the lower tooth will grow healthy upwards. 
I haven't heard of this old English tradition but I agree that it should be done lol, baby teeth should be dropped into a fire. And a little creepy is that the Vikings used them in jewellery as they believed the teeth helped them in battles.

I couldn't really find anything on why people kept a lock of hair it was mainly talks of religious tradition on cutting and shaving a babies hair. I think I will always keep the things that Jared paints makes but at what age do I stop collecting everything, as I still collect (horde) stuff I do now!! I'm also in the process of making a special jar so we can write a memory or funny moment to do with Jared and pop it in the jar to read at a later stage. Do you keep anything unusual or document everything your child does? Are you always taking pictures and videos that you only see the moment behind a lens?   

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