Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Monster Book Of Numbers Review

The people over at my little big town sent us some lovely books to read and review. One of the books we were sent was this lovely book on counting. 

We try and read to Jared as often as we can, but he normally gets bored and walks off. This book however he loves!! I think we have read it about 15 times everyday. The book uses monsters (which Jared loves and goes RAR at) to count. My favourite monster is the Quaffles they are bird like. The book is very bright and colourful but not too many contrasting colours are thrown on to a page which I like, the pages have one colour but in different shades I think this helps Jared concentrate on the book more. Although Jared still can't count thanks to the help of the book he now says Two and Four, which I guess is a good start to counting in a way. I know the monster book of numbers is just one in the collection and I think I will be buying some of the others. I would also like to add that the pages are thicker then normal and have a smooth feel to them and have not yet been ripped I'm not sure if its down to the paper or not but it's fab. Please keep checking back as we have two more books that we need to tell you about.  

All views are my own honest opinions and I have not been asked to give a good review in compensation for the books. 

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