Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Juggling life

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, but I'm back and trying to juggle my life. I know lots of mummies and daddies work and juggle a child but we are just finding the right way to do it.

This week I have started my new job as a rapid response cleaner in the hospital. I had a nightmare trying to find childcare a week before I started work, yeah I had the interview and was told you got the job you start next week. So I joined a few online websites and I found a lady and arranged to go to her's prior to needing her on Monday. I never made it to her house as bus drivers had no idea what bus stop I was on about, the outcome was me crying thinking why am I bothering and generally just annoyed about the situation. I put a rant on facebook and asked if anyone could help me out, I don't have any friends in Wakefield so at this point I was thinking I'm not going to be able to have this job. Luckily a girl I had not long met (through net mums) offered to watch him for me, I was so happy and really appreciate this girl helping me out. So metaphorically speaking that was one juggling ball done.

As you may know by now I am studying with the Open University to gain a degree in psychology and criminology, this year I have added introduction to law. So I have essay's due and reading and online activities to do. I struggle with social science so need to put more into that. This is my second juggling ball up in the air.

The third ball is the house, I still need to wash clothes, cook dinner (although I don't eat until I finish work at 8:30), and all the other house chores. 

My blog is my fourth ball, I enjoy blogging so I don't want to stop if it means that I can only manage one post a week then fine I will do that. In the new year I hope to be bringing you a lot more reviews, I'm actually just finishing off my testing stage on a certain product then a review will be up for you lovely lot. 

Now when I juggle I can only juggle with three balls but I have five to juggle with in my life that isn't added the extra's like Christmas. Jared is my final ball and the most important ball of all, with all the other balls I can put them off but not this one. I will miss bed time and bath time and he will be fast asleep when I get home so the day time is important to me I have from when he wakes up until 2:30 to play, sing and explore with my boy. I'm hoping in a few weeks everything will fall into place.

I would love to read your comments on your life commitments and you manage. 

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