Friday, 18 October 2013

Look what I got

Hello my lovelies, I have been a bit quiet this week. This is due to Liam having some time off and we have had hospital with Jared also, but I'm back. 

I was recently contacted and asked if I would be interested in doing a product review. I was so excited because this is the first request I have had that wasn't for obscured adult items. So this post I will be telling you what I got. Eek I love it. 

 These are what I was sent. I have always wanted Toni & Guy hair straighteners  I use their hair care products so now my set is complete. They arrived pretty quickly and just in time for my interview. 

My first impression of these were "OMG they are beautiful" I'm sure you girls and guys have products/items where you feel the same. Before I tested these beauties out, I red through the booklet that comes with it. The booklet gives you little tips about making the best use out of these and how to get your hair looking great. What I love most about these is the LCD display, it shows you what heat they are at. I prefer this to the dodgy dial you normally get, if your anything like me you normally nudge the dial and end up either burning your hair or not having enough heat. Talking of heat these babies go up 230C compared to my old ones this is alot higher which I hope is going to help keep my curly locks straight!!

I have had a quick dabble with them and I'm very impressed with how they work. They don't pull my hair like my old ones did. They don't have a funny smell when heating up like I have found a few do. I just love them. If you like the sound of these you can purchase them from chemistdirect. I will be doing a review of how I get on with these in about a month and let you know if my feelings towards them have changed and how my hair handles them. 

*This is a sponsored post


  1. I look forward to hearing how you get on!
    Popping over from UK bloggers

  2. Only £30 as well....absolute bargain!! Dont think iv ever tried any of the Toni and Guy straighteners before..nice review xx

  3. Toni & Guy products are excellent but as a haircare superfan I would not recommend you using Toni & Guy straighteners on the highest heat for the first 1-3 months. This set is excellent for stylings of all kind and I hope that if you have time you get the chance to do a post on a look you've completed with these.

    Remember to use heat defence when using any heated appliances on your hair, especially with styling products. Phil Smith BE Gorgeous has a good heat spray in his range.

    Kate Hurn (UK Bloggers) xx

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    1. I don't use many heat sprays as they seem to cause problems when styling my hair I have found a brand that works but might look into that range. xx

  4. Not overly keen on Toni and Guy straighteners, but good post. I'm too obsessed with my GHDs x

    1. I wanted GHD but when I used some I was a bit disappointed and I refused to pay £100 plus for hair straighteners that didn't make my hair very straight even the hair dressers won't use GHD's on my hair now. But all hair is different xx