Monday, 30 September 2013

Your having a laugh

I thought I would cheer myself up by looking at funny news stories over the past few weeks, while I was reading some and having a giggle. I thought I would make a post about what is going on in our wonderful world. So if you have the Monday blues take five and have a read of these. 

A fun loving biker asks mourners to pay tribute wearing fancy dress (Metro online) 
I loved this story, Mr Gary Pattison who died five days after a collision had left some instructions for his friends and family to follow. He asked that people wear fancy dress and that any of his savings were to go behind the bar. When he left his instructions at the end he quoted the warner brothers "In the words of Warner Brothers, "That's all folks!" Enjoy and do me proud". I just thought this was a nice story if you go on the Metro website you can see pictures and read the full story. 

Did any of you see the story about the creepy clown in Northampton?? Well he is now selling merchandise to raise money so he can travel around the country. I know he is creepy looking but I think it's funny, life can be too serious so it's nice to see that some people can still have fun and make people laugh (even with a scary clown face) lets all buy a T-shirt and hope he comes to a town near you. (Full story on the mirror website) 

Does anyone else think that wearing animal print while visiting zoo's is inappropriate? or causes the animals to become confused? I think this is a silly story and that Chessington is being a bit silly. They have banned certain animal print clothing to prevent the animals reacting to the visitors. Now surely they are going to notice a person in bright pink, yellow, blue and all other colours which could also cause them to react. If you look at past animal attacks the people have been wearing normal clothes, and weren't dressed as a tiger prancing about. Another health and safety thing gone crazy. I wonder if I wore a white dress with black spots if dalmatians would get excited to see me and throw advances my way? just a thought. (Story on the sky news website) 

I'm sure there is a need for this App but apparently the people in Iceland seem to think so. There is an app that makes sure they don't date their own family. Because immigration is low over in Iceland when they trace their family history most find out that they are related to each other. I'm still not convinced that there is a need for this App though, I mean is it wrong 10th cousins to marry? In my eyes no not really as they aren't really family are they I guess I would have to read into it more but I think this odd and funny because the news is basically saying it is the most inbred country in the world. (BBC news website)

I guess this is sort of funny but one of them that you shouldn't laugh at. This man is gardening next thing has an axe yes an AXE!! in his head. Crazy. It gets crazier, he slows the bleeding down and off he trots to the bus stop!! Now if I was a bus driver I think I would ring an ambulance for the man seeing as he has a bandage wrapped around his head. Anyway Sheldon (Axe man) gets on the bus to the hospital. He had missed his brain but it was close please please please read this story it is such a funny one and the guy is so lucky aswell. 

If you have read some funny things then leave me a link or tell me in the comments. I read every comment and love hearing from you. 

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