Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Halloween food

My mum and me are doing a Halloween party this year so we have spent a couple of hours finding some great spooky food. I know some people don't do Halloween but I personally love it I see no harm in it at all (unless you live on Jason's street). I love getting dressed up and I stick to getting dressed up as something spooky not the classic 'Dead School Girl' or 'Cat Costume'. If anything girls should take advantage that for one day of the year they can look crappy and unattractive and people won't judge because Halloween isn't meant to be sexy!! 

Anyway on with the food!!!!

The latest cake craze is cake pops so I have found little idea on the BBC food website where you turn cake pops into an eyeball. All you need to do is make your cake pop as normal then decorate it to look like an eyeball. I think this is a really simple idea that the kids will love you even try and put a jam in the middle so that when they bite into the cake it's like it is oozing into their mouth just like a real eye. Cookies and biscuits are great I have some cookie cutters shaped like a dead person crime scene (hope that makes sense) so I can do a few of them slap a bit of icing on and hey presto Halloween biscuits. 

Jelly is another really simple one to make and while using my fav shopping place online (ebay) I found these moulds. I love them but at the same time make me feel a bit queasy. Fab aren't they!!
A healthy party foodie is apples, we were going to do the whole apple bobbing but thought maybe not because of the face paints people might have on. My mum found these things called apple bites you cut a wedge from the apple then use almonds to push into the apple to make teeth. They do look good. Cheese sticks are good too as you can create them to look like a finger my adding a almond fingernail.

I have always wanted to try pumpkin pie and this year is the year I will. There is a shop in Aldershot that sells american groceries and they do the pumpkin pie filling so I will be ordering some off the website and trying the pie out before using it at the party. They also sell some other Halloween american candy etc etc. 

This post is kind of short and sweet but tomorrow I'm off to get some Halloween bits and bobs so look for my Halloween Haul post. Please leave a comment I read them all and love hearing from you all and seeing suggestions, talking of suggestion costume ideas anyone. I want it scary looking bit not really expensive. Also I will be running a competition for best pumpkin face, it will be open to all of you from any country and if you win you get a surprize basically a surprise prezzie and all you have to do is carve your pumpkin email me your pictures and I will pick with the help of my two little sisters the best one. 


  1. We don't really do Halloween, but this food looks yucky but strangely yummy!!

  2. Hopping over from the UK Bloggers group! :)

    EUGH GOD, the thought of that brain jelly makes me feel slightly ill, it looks a bit too realistic for my liking!

  3. OMG Brain jelly! this looks groce, perfect for halloween! lol, i'd still try it!

    Kirsty Rockit Style

  4. On Amazon you can buy lots of stuff. You can even get scary ice cube trays. Love the Jelly Moulds and the Eyeball Cake Pops sound like a great idea! :)

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    Kate H (UK Bloggers)

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  5. ooo the brain one do not think i could eat anything that looks like that lol.

  6. that brain jelly is pretty gory! I love Halloween, it's time I started planning for it I think!

  7. Oh lordy, that brain is awful!!! Makes me gag a bit lol - fab ideas though!

    Love Zoe x