Monday, 9 September 2013

A weekend of fun

What a weekend I have had!! On Saturday morning I woke and Liam said he wanted to go out somewhere the first idea being Temple Newsam. I rang my mum (she is our mode of transport and it's nice having her come along) unfortunately she had stuff to do in the morning and at lunch time so we couldn't go to Temple Newsam and we arranged to go on Sunday. Liam was bored and didn't want to waste his weekend vegging out on the sofa watching rubbish TV, as he was flicking through his facebook he saw that Xscape had something going on. So I rang my mum told her we were off to Xscape and asked if she wanted to meet us there. 

I'm sure if you live in West Yorkshire you will know about what was going on there. Basically there were so American cars and super hero's. Yes I met the Batman (or at least a man dressed as batman) over the recent years I have become kind of a geeky nerd. They had the ghost busters, doctor who, star wars and some other bits there also. It was good just a bit odd that grown adults were dressed as the joker just to visit and look around, don't get me wrong I'm all for dressing up but this event was only small and really there was no need to dress up it's not like it was comic con. I would so love to go to comic con!!!!

Temple Newsam
We packed our lunch and off we went. I really like going to places like this they are local and teach you a bit of history on the area. We had our lunch/picnic then headed to the house. I love going into these old houses, I just wish there was more in them and it was more like how it was but I understand that that is hard to do but would be so much better if they could keep them as true to the past without adding random things that were never in there. You can only go into a few rooms of the house I personally would of like to see what the kitchen would of been like and the servants quarters, maybe a few secret doors/passages. I was a bit annoyed that I wasn't allowed to take the pushchair around I think as they are a place aimed towards families visiting you should be allowed. Wheelchairs are permitted though. You can take a free audio tour also which I would advise as we just walked around a read what little information was in the rooms. After our walk around the house we went to the farm (my fav) I have spoke in a previous post about a trip to the farm at Temple Newsam so I won't say too much about this. They had a little baby cow in a pen on it's own  her name was Sky and her mother had rejected her which was sad, I know it's part of what animals do but it's sad. Sky seemed happy enough though she had a ball in her pen with her, I just felt sorry or her and thought she should have more baby cows in with her or at least one. We had a little walk down to the park and the bee keeping area which I kept well clear of. All in all it was a good day out and we spent all day there. 

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun, i love unexpected days out :)

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