Tuesday, 24 September 2013

3 Fab Books

I never liked reading. I used to hate it, thought it was to geeky and people would make fun of me if I picked up a book. Over the past few years I have read lots of books. I have my favourite authors like all book lovers do. I tend to stick with the same type of books but I would like to read other genres too. About a month ago I was at a car-boot sale and found a book called Broken by Karin Slaughter. 

I started reading this and instantly hated one of the main characters (Sara). I found her selfish and just not a very nice person. The story was actually ok and it wasn't until I was about three quarters of the way through that I realised it was a second book in a series of three. This annoyed me because I have this weird OCD thing where everything has to be in order or else I find it difficult to concentrate etc. So I bought the other two books. Here is my thought on the books and what they are about without ruining it for you.

Genesis is the first one. In this book you meet the characters Will who I couldn't help but love, Sara I still hate her, Amanda and Faith. They are the main people obviously as with any book you have your strangler characters (by this I mean everyone else). I really enjoyed this one. A girl is hit by a car but her injuries show that she has been abused for at least week. A cave/dungeon torture chamber is found and leads to the GBI trying to find the bad guy or women. As clues are found so are more dead bodies. The GBI aren't really liked by the police which also causes a bit of trouble. I don't know if this actually happens in the real world but if it did I would be disgusted, if a crime is committed it shouldn't matter who is and who was investigating as long as the criminal is found.

Broken is the one you want to read next, this is where the lovely Will goes to Sara's home town after a prisoner killed himself in his cell. The local police again aren't happy with the GBI showing up and taking over and not just because of their pride getting the better of them. You meet Lena in this book and this is the women Sara blames for everything in her life ending the way it did. I can't explain how much I actually hate Sara if she was real I really wouldn't expect her to have many friends. I hope I'm not the only one who feels like this towards her? You can see in this book that there is a progressing story within this series of books and that the crimes are more of a sideline.

Ahhh the last one Fallen, I have just finished this one and I love Will and feel so sorry for him. I don't know what to say about this one without giving too much away. So I will just say Amanda, Faith and Will are pushed for time. There are secrets everywhere and when you find out what's going on you might have a similar reaction to mine which was "I should of seen that, how did I not see that". Of course the crime is just one of the stories in this book you have the on going story of Faith Will and Sara too. 

I just want to say as much as I enjoyed the books a few things annoyed me, I would like to hear if any of you feel the same or maybe you disliked something else. I have read a few book series in my time now what annoyed me with this series is how Karin wrote the background of the characters in every book I thought this was unnecessary and I found my self skipping parts so I didn't have to bore myself with the same information about Will or Sara. I was also a bit cheesed off that diabetes and dyslexia were treated like some sort of disability that affects your life so much. Don't get me wrong I understand with diabetes it is a serious thing and you do need to keep an eye on your levels etc just thought it could of been handle a bit better in the book. Now the dyslexia mentioned in the book annoyed me, it was wrote about like it was some disease that meant you couldn't live a normal life. I think it annoyed me more that it gets referred to and implies that the character is disabled. I have a sister and a friend who are dyslexic, they live fine and it is no where near as bad as it is made out to be. 

If you have read these books I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about the story the characters and Karin herself. I do read all comments and respond to comments if I can (some times I don't know what to say back) but I read them all and appreciate you commenting.    MRPCompetition


  1. I love reading, just never get the time.I would love to have some spare time and relax with a good book and this one sounds great.


  2. I love a good book series where you can get really involved in the books. I was like that with Hunger Games.

    Kate H (UK Bloggers)

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