Friday, 23 August 2013

Give me fake poo over flowers

Many girls complain that their boyfriends don't get them flowers. I'm not one of them girls I get flowers every now and then and I'm happy with that. Three months ago when Liam bought me some rather nice flowers (for no reason) we thought, Why? 

Why do women expect flowers for no reason at all? and Why don't men get flowers? Liam answered the second question with why would I want them. Which was good enough for me. But seriously some women get so annoyed if they don't get something from their men. I have never been one who expects things for no reason, Birthdays and Christmas I expect gifts but not just out of the blue. I must admit it's nice to get a bunch of flowers or a box of choccy and makes me think "awww what sweetie" or "what have you done" Anyway after our conversation of why women get things and men don't we came up with a silly little thing that keeps us both happy. I also like to think it's helping our relationship. So what we came up with is each month we have £5 to spend on each other, so far I have bought Liam a GI Joe bobble head (purely because I thought it was cool) and he has had a mug to take to work. The mug has a picture of Lionel Richie on it with a rich tea biscuit afro and it says "Hello is it Tea your looking for" Liam is always coming out with silly little jokes similar to this so it suited him and he actually uses it at work and loves it. I have had a fake poo in a box and some cookie cutters in the shape of a murder crime scene victim. 

I'm glad we do this every month. I love hunting for a silly little gift this months is funny and practical and I know he will hate it, it will make him laugh though which is the whole point. Before we did this we kind of didn't really notice how much time we were spending apart and not really doing anything as a family. I know the gift buying isn't the main reason we do more but it did help, partly because we are constantly looking at what we can get each other next. As much as I like flowers I would rather do this each month its more fun and I appreciate it more as effort has been made. So give me a fake poo and cookie cutters over flowers any day.


  1. Oh wow I love this idea! Me and Ash often buy something for each other we end up out and about and he will like something and I'll just grab it for him and he will do it back to me - it only cost a few pennies but it's nice - might have to suggest this to him though as it's such a sweet idea if thats ok with you?

    Life in a Break Down

    1. Yeah deffo give it a try would be great to hear what you get each other too. I have just ordered the boyfriends prezzie for this month its a money tree, thought it would be good after he told me money doesn't grow on trees lol xx