Tuesday, 27 August 2013

West Indian Carnival

Wow!! What a great bank holiday Monday I had. The family and me went over to Leeds (our new fav place to go) and went to the carnival. Every year Leeds holds the West Indian carnival, I did a little research before going and found out that the carnival is rumoured to be one of the oldest in Europe and was created by a man named Arthur France from what I have read it's because he felt homesick. I'm so glad he felt homesick because it was a fantastic day. 
There were thousands of people there, different races and different cultural backgrounds. Just enjoying themselves. I love things like this, which is odd as I'm not good with large crowds of people. But I love it when people just enjoy themselves and forget everything that is going on. I think life can be to strict on us all and just having a day like this can make a difference, help people broaden their minds. Where ever I looked I saw people with smiles on their faces and dancing, smiles and dancing are infectious. You can't help but move with the music smiling away to yourself for no reason other than you are just having a nice enjoyable day. Apart from dancing there is also a lot of food. Oh the food!!! I can not describe the smells and taste's of the food I wish I could but you really need to try it for yourself. There was jerk chicken, jerk pulled pork, rice and peas, curried goat and big huge sugar canes. I saw a few people with a drink now I'm not sure what the fruit was (coconut maybe) but it must of been good as the line was massive. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any of the special drinks that were being sold but I will definitely try it next year. 
Here are a few pictures I took of the costumes, there were carnival groups from as far as Leicester just so you have an idea of how big this is.

I hope some of you get to experience this as I really is a great day out and you don't need lots of money to spend just enough for some great food and drinks. It is wheelchair and pushchair accessible but you will need to be patient as it is very busy. Many parents had babies in the carriers that strap to you (I had a pushchair) and I saw people in wheelchairs and some in mobility scooters.   

Friday, 23 August 2013

Give me fake poo over flowers

Many girls complain that their boyfriends don't get them flowers. I'm not one of them girls I get flowers every now and then and I'm happy with that. Three months ago when Liam bought me some rather nice flowers (for no reason) we thought, Why? 

Why do women expect flowers for no reason at all? and Why don't men get flowers? Liam answered the second question with why would I want them. Which was good enough for me. But seriously some women get so annoyed if they don't get something from their men. I have never been one who expects things for no reason, Birthdays and Christmas I expect gifts but not just out of the blue. I must admit it's nice to get a bunch of flowers or a box of choccy and makes me think "awww what sweetie" or "what have you done" Anyway after our conversation of why women get things and men don't we came up with a silly little thing that keeps us both happy. I also like to think it's helping our relationship. So what we came up with is each month we have £5 to spend on each other, so far I have bought Liam a GI Joe bobble head (purely because I thought it was cool) and he has had a mug to take to work. The mug has a picture of Lionel Richie on it with a rich tea biscuit afro and it says "Hello is it Tea your looking for" Liam is always coming out with silly little jokes similar to this so it suited him and he actually uses it at work and loves it. I have had a fake poo in a box and some cookie cutters in the shape of a murder crime scene victim. 

I'm glad we do this every month. I love hunting for a silly little gift this months is funny and practical and I know he will hate it, it will make him laugh though which is the whole point. Before we did this we kind of didn't really notice how much time we were spending apart and not really doing anything as a family. I know the gift buying isn't the main reason we do more but it did help, partly because we are constantly looking at what we can get each other next. As much as I like flowers I would rather do this each month its more fun and I appreciate it more as effort has been made. So give me a fake poo and cookie cutters over flowers any day.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Christmas is getting closer

Have you even thought about Christmas yet?......  People tend to ignore it until every shop is covered in lights and tinsel. I was in Wakefield town on Saturday when I noticed that the Card Factory has already got their Christmas cards on sale!! Do people buy cards this early? Don't get me wrong I like to be prepared I already have most of Jared's presents, when you have a child it is so much easier to get bits and bobs and stash them. Especially with the price of a toy that they will get bored with after a year. So what I though I would do is look at what is the most popular on the kids wish lists and then show you lovely people where you can get it from. Now I don't mind second hand toys as long as they are in good working order, but I will let you know if the cheapest from new and used. 

Now this first one seems to be being on the top toys lists year I remember when it was 'THE' toy to have when I was little its the Furby the price new is around £75 it is the new Furby Boom. The cheapest are on Ebay and they are the ones from America but worth a look if your planning on getting one. 

Have you seen them new fish you can get? No! Well you can get these new robotic fish that work in water these are on Jared's Christmas list (I wrote the list lol) he loves fish but I don't want real fish and his fish lamp broke so these are the solution I hope. You can get the Robo fish playset in fairness it isn't that expensive the £20 is the main price that shops are selling this set at the cheapest I have found is again Ebay you can pick it up new for £14.99. The set only contains one fish so you could also buy a pack of Robo fish to put in a stocking these are selling £6/7. 

This next one I really want to get Jared but it is suitable for boys and girls. Its the funny laughing animals that have been advertised, there is a chicken a monkey and a rabbit. I have looked everywhere for this rabbit and I can not find it anywhere I have even emailed the company as I will only buy one if it is the rabbit lol. These are selling for £14.99 which is a fair price. 

This year there is the release of the Xbox one and the PS4. I'm guessing a few of you have one of these on your list or at least your boyfriend or teenage son. I'm an Xbox lover so the Xbox is the one for me (no pun intended) Now I'm not fully sure on prices of either consoles as it keeps changing, but I have put a deposit down for the Xbox one. If the neither of the consoles are on your list but your a gamer I'm sure some of the new games due to be out soon are. We have the new grand theft auto which I can not wait to play but if I get it at Christmas I will need to wait as I'm at my mums this year. 

I don't know if it's because I have a boy that I don't notice the girl toys but I'm sure this year the majority of the toys are for boys?! I have been asking my sisters (11 & 8) what they want. Now Molly (8) she loves one direction so she is easy to buy for but then she asked for an Xbox and a TV also The Sims 4 I'm not sure when that is out but I guess if it's in time for Christmas that would be good. Trinity (11) has asked for a Laptop and Minecraft things. My sisters aren't very very girly but Molly loves dolls and other little girl toys but she hasn't seen any so far that jump out at her. While I have spent hours looking for toys for children the market has been dominated by boys toys and the odd toy that girls might like but I wouldn't say is great. Would be nice to hear what is on your list, I love looking for a bargain so if you don't have the time to search for your bargain let me do it. 

If you want me to find you a bargain price please email jadelikessheep2@gmail.com with the exact name of the item you want and I will try my best to find the cheapest for you. 


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Time to deal with it

I have a big problem, a medical problem. The thing is I'm letting it ruin everything it controls what I do and it shouldn't. I have only just started to let some people know and now I'm writing this post in hope that it can either help me (maybe a solution) or help others who may have it, let them know they aren't alone.

What I have is Hirsutism. It is horrible and I hate it so much. I have had this for about 7/8 years but only knew what it was called about 3 years ago. Basically what it is, is where I get excessive hair growth the hair is thick and dark. When it first started I just thought it was normally as I had it on my thighs, it was easy to cover so didn't bother me too much. I just made excuses up not to do PE at school!! I was so worried people would notice and make fun of me, I found school hard anyway as I never seemed to fit in. As I began to live with it I noticed it was now on my stomach, again was easy to hide just meant I stopped wearing clothes that would show some of my belly off. As the hair got darker I decided to shave it. I wish it could of stopped there I could live with that it was easy to hide and I kinda got used to my routine of hiding it and covering it up. Now it's not so easy to hide and cover up.

I now have it on my face (chin and sideburn area) my neck and my chest. It really gets me down. I feel like a freak. When I spoke to a doctor three years ago the advice was to just shave it off nothing else could be done. I now have to shave my face every other day as it grows back pretty quickly. If you have this you will know what I mean and sort of how I feel. I have considered killing myself as it affects me that much, sounds drastic doesn't it?! But think about this I have to wear my hair down or at least have hair down that hide the sides of my face, I feel ugly and less of a woman because I have to shave my face. It has really knocked my confidence. I rarely bother to make an effort with how I look now, and it is affecting my relationship. Liam is totally understanding and he still says I'm beautiful (which is nice) but it doesn't matter how many times he tells me this, it doesn't matter. How I feel won't change until I do!! Having this problem is one of the causes to me putting weight on as I don't really go out anywhere unless its a day trip or I have to go out. I was on anti depressants and I'm considering going back on them as it gets to me that much. I'm going to see a doctor this week and beg for some help as shaving isn't a solution it just makes it worse.

If you are reading this and you have this also and feel alone I would be happy to speak to you it might help us both (email jadelikessheep2@gmail.com) or if your a doctor/plastic surgeon and can help me then I would be happy to hear from you. I'm 23 years old and know I have to live with this until I die which is years away so if there is anything that can make the rest of my life easier by getting rid of this then I want it please. I have also looked for medical trials but found none, maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

Thank you for reading this and I hope this will help someone even if it isn't me. This has been very hard to talk about and share as I know people who know me will read this some who know about most don't. Some people might be nasty but I don't know how I'm going to cope with this anymore. I cry nearly everyday over this. Please no hateful comments xxx

More information on Hirsutism

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Keeping them busy

Hi everyone!!! 
We are in the 2 week of the hols?! I know different places break up at different times etc but we are in week 2. This weekend I have had my sisters, who get bored very quickly. To keep them busy and occupied while I did housework and stuck to my normal routine with Jared, I bought a few little things to keep them busy. 

I don't normally shop in poundland but Liam and I were in town and we popped in. This is where I found the glitter tattoo kit. In the kit you get stencils, glue and 3 colours of glitter. I didn't expect much or think it would be great (it is only a pound after all) but I still have my glitter tattoos on. Wouldn't of been as much fun if I didn't let them give me two. They also gave Liam some well four actually. 

I also found a design your own puzzle in Asda. It costs a pound and comes with two blank puzzle boards for your little ones to create a master piece on. Drawing and colouring only seems to keep them occupied for an hour and then they get bored so I try and get more things like design a puzzle. Next week I'm going to get them to write a story, one of my old school teachers (Mr. Sparshott) used a technique to get us to write a good story. He would give us the start of the story and to see where the storyline would go he would get us to pick a number and then he would roll a dice and say number three you have to write about your luggage getting lost etc. 

Hope you are all keeping busy during the holidays would love to hear what you have been doing or any plans or activity suggestions would be great. xxx