Monday, 1 July 2013

lazy week good weekend

Hello readers sorry I haven't posted in a while, truth is I haven't had much this week that would be worth blogging about as I have had to wait in for things and being stuck in the house means all I could write about is how my son makes mess and clean it up then he makes mess again lol. But this weekend I had my cousin and fellow blogger come and visit me, which meant Jared could finally meet his Godmother whoo!!! This weekend I took her to Leeds we had a walk about entered primark which was so busy and stupidly hot. 
Of course I had to take her to the red hot buffet world as she had seen pictures from when I went the other also was Jareds first time in a restaurant and he was so good, the man sitting on the table next to us with his family couldn't stop smiling and laughing at Jared was great. Oh almost forgot saw my first flash mob in Leeds a group of people started singing oprah style was pretty cool.

Sunday was funday, a little village/town had there summer show so we went along to that we took Rosie my pooch and my mum took her dog Derek (Rosie's son). Derek one in the waggiest tail competition so my mum was happy about that. It was another hot day Jared was grumpy which didn't ruin the day just made it more stressful then I wanted it. Now I dunno if you know this but I have an addiction in life everyone will have an addiction. My addiction may not be so serious that I would lose my home and family but still it's an addiction none the less, spit it out I hear you say. So here goes "Hello my name is Jade and I a tombolaholic" WOW it feels good getting it out there I would like to here about your addiction could be fun I can do a post about weird and wonderful addictions?! What do you think?? This week I'm hoping to make a hair mask as my hair has gone a bit funny I have no idea why but I need to sort it so look out for my hair mask post later this week. I hope you all had a good weekend and sorry I have neglected you all I promise I will make it up to you. Oh if you want to be a part of my addiction post let me know you can email me ( or just leave a comment I will also add some serious things in as well as numbers for helplines because you guys are important and if you have a problem I wanna help out. Love you all xxx 

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