Thursday, 30 May 2013

Train rides, waves and a tide

Hello I'm back after my very busy weekend and bank holiday. As you may know it was my baby boys first birthday on the Friday just gone. On the Friday we took him to Bridlington (seaside) it took about two hours to get too by public transport from Wakefield and £69.20 on the train. We were lucky it was supposed to rain and be really horrible weather but it was pleasant enough.
 We couldn't go on the beach as not long after this was taken the tide came in, so we hit the arcaes instead. I won Jared-David two teddies in the grabber machines, and on the 2p machines I won several lolly pops a key ring and two decoration teddies. We enjoyed a nice lunch and an ice cream and headed home at five. On  the Saturday I had my sisters staying over but it was time for Jareds birthday picnic which we weren't going to do until last minuet. The sun was shining and we had a great time over the park.
Jared was really lucky and got two birthday cakes one was a raa raa cake which can be seen on my instagram. I had my sisters until the Tuesday and it was Trinity's birthday on the 19th of may so I bought her some shorts and took her to Nandos while she was here was fab. I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend and had some sun xxx

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