Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sun, Essays and Disaster

My first topic is SUN. WOW yesterday was rather warm I got sunburn!! I went over to Rothwell to enjoy May Day with my family and Liam's family. It was good to get out Jared went on a little fun fair ride with his daddy, Jared really wasn't impressed by it but it was only a little train going round and round so I don't blame him.

Essay!! I have done it finally it has taken me a while to do as the question is so confusing and some section I had to look at didn't even relate to the question. So it is over done and dusted. Anyone studying Psychology and criminology? do you find some of the essay questions hard??  

So the disaster I have been having, OMG!!! first my TV broke a year after getting it fixed. I rang Curry's to tell them this and they offer me no help what so ever so I will never be buying anything from them again. I was told that they could fix it but it would cost £95 for them to pick it up anything extra I would have to pay for. I wouldn't of been so angry but I bought the TV from them back in 2011 and in 2012 just before the warranty ran out it broke, they 'fixed' it then another 10 months pass and it does the same again so I thought they might at least offer something being that I was an existing customer but NO!! I then decided to contact the company who made the TV LG who said that they can't do anything either unless I pay up £200 to get it fixed with them. I asked them if there were any known faults with this model and they said no and couldn't answer why there TV of that make kept breaking year after year, they couldn't answer me so there we go another brand I will not be purchasing with such poor customer service. Both company's didn't really care or seem bothered to help all they could do was keep telling I should buy this and that from them. A few days after the TV broke my Samsung galaxy S3 broke :-( it wouldn't turn on at all, nothing!! I took it into the EE shop and it has been sent off to be fixed. After reading online this is kind of a common thing with this phone, first it does little things like my phone would close all open web pages when I was using my internet, other people have reported the phone turning its self off and restarting itself. So if you have that phone and it does any of those things then back it up, thankfully I synced my photo albums with my facebook so I haven't lost any of my pictures. Hope you all are having a bit more luck then me atm xxx

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