Monday, 20 May 2013

How time flys!!

So as you know I have a little boy and he is 1 this Friday the 24th. I can not believe how fast it has gone this time last year I was telling my midwife his head felt low down and she didn't even check me over just said I will be ok and that she had to rush my appointment because she hadn't finished packing for her holiday. Yeah great midwife,Not!! For his birthday we are taking him to the beach on Friday it will be his first time and instagram twitter and facebook will be full of pictures just to warn you. In other news I got my phone back YAY *does a dance* 

I will be doing another post possibly wednesday as I'm in hospital tomorrow but I need to share my thoughts about Honey boo boo so please have a read on my next post. Please could you also sponsor me for race for life I have a button on my page where it will take you to the website and you can also text in aswell, I'm not asking for your savings just a pound would be great and will really help. Bye for now xxx

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