Thursday, 23 May 2013

Honey Boo Boo

For those who don't know what Honey Boo Boo is, it's a TV show of a family in America whose little girl Alana (6) competes in beauty pageants. 

I thought I was going to hate the show but I actually really enjoy watching it. I did what most people do and judged what they as a family might be like. I hold my hands up I was wrong 'Mama' is a very good parent and her morals are spot on. They also have a really awesome pet called 'Glitzy' 

Seriously though if you haven't seen this show or thought you would hate it just give it a try. It's on channel 125 (TLC). It really makes me laugh and I love how Alana does these beauty pageants and isn't classed as the typical slim entrant proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I think TLC is quickly becoming my fav channel because I have this on a Tuesday and on Sundays I have the Amish to who have been let loose in New York to watch. xxx

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