Sunday, 5 May 2013

Another Sunday

Hello all I hope you have all been entering the giveaway in my last post. Well it is Sunday again I'm really getting fed up of watching the days go by and not achieving much, I know I have Jared and we do things and go places I just think I really need a job. We don't struggle on Liams wage, but I would like a job so I could earn so money so we can have luxuries like a car. We do want to buy our own home so if I get a job then that money can go towards a deposit or a holiday. A much needed holiday!! I haven't been on holiday since 2004, so it's about time I got one. I would love to go visit my aunt in Florida next year which is where I'm hoping we will go next October, any readers in Florida?? if you are a reader and live in sunny FL then please let me know and if I get over we could meet up for a chat and a coffee. My was over with my sisters yesterday so we nipped into town and I bought some new clothes as I had some money left on a gift card for new look, my mum got me some shoes which were a late prezzie for my birthday. I also got one of the Odd Thomas books (written by Dean Koontz) I had only read the first 3 I didn't know there was more mum bought Odd Apocalypse and I got Odd Hours just Odd Interlude (which I can not find) and one other to get as far as I know that will be all of them. I love his books there are so many that I need to read, the one I'm currently reading is a bit slow going and I wouldn't say it is the best but I'm going to give it a chance I just feel like it is a bit repetitive atm.

Anyone have any plans for this bank holiday?? I will be in Rothwell (not the alien place but sounds similar) they have some kind of fun day going on. Tombolas tombolas and more tombolas so I will be very skint after as they are my weakness I love them, I'm not sure why?! my Nan always used to give me money for them when I was little and I would always win (no as lucky anymore) maybe that is why I like them so much it is like a connected memory to my Nan. I enjoy these fates or fun days which ever you call them, the community get together and just enjoy themselves, kids can run about with face paint smeared across their faces and alcohol and chocolate is always won. I will take a day like that over a trip to a pub garden any day of the week. Have any of you been following the Berkshire Bloggers May Picture Challenge (#BBMPC on twitter)? there are plenty of us doing it, and it's not to late to join in. Well my lovely readers I'm off for now I have an essay to plan :-( see you all Tuesday xxx

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