Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend Antics

Hello I hope you all had a fab weekend. Since my last post I have got older, I'm now the great age of 23. My beautiful little boy got me a gorgeous locket if you have me on instagram then you might of seen the picture of it. Liam got me a book about murders (he knows me so well) which I can't wait to get stuck into. For my birthday I decided I wanted to do something that me and my family could all enjoy, so we went swimming. We went swimming at Barnsley metro dome, it was a bit of a mess about when we got in we paid and headed for the changing rooms. It took nearly 20 minuets to get into a changing room (bare in mind we had paid for an hour and a half swim) so I was getting a bit upset thinking that it was going to be a terrible day. I was so wrong, we managed to stay longer then the allocated time and had such a laugh. Jared really enjoyed himself which was great, my littlest sister Molly (8) went on one of the slides with me I did have to bribe her to go on but she done it so was so happy that she done it :). After swimming we all came back to my house an had a take away, where more giggles happened. 

Sometimes I wish life would just slow down I feel like my age is running a head of me. It is scary, but every year I'm gaining more memories and meeting people. I also finally know where I want my life to go what path it should take. I'm going to leave my post short and sweet today as I will be posting about day 1 on Herbalife tomorrow love you all xxx 

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