Sunday, 7 April 2013

Look what I have been up to!!!!

OK so this week I had my sisters over to stay which is why I haven't be able to blog also my little boy has been a total monster. My sisters are 8 and 10 and they wanted a little make over so I gave them one hehe I gave them slug brows and bright cheeks it was funny, I thought giving them a makeover to make them look like how most girls walk around now a days. We also had a day of making cakes my youngest sister Molly made red velvet cakes and Trinity the older one was making meringue unfortunately the meringue turned out as flat egg sugar pancakes so in the bin they went. I wanted to make cornflake cakes which have now all been eaten so I may have to make more this week. The other cakes we made where the ones where you put the cake mix in the ice cream cones and have ice cream cone cakes. 

I took my dog for a walk yesterday with my Jared, my Mum, Trin, Molly and their dog (my dogs puppy). We walked around Thornes Park in Wakefield we met a women with a dog called Layla she was such a cute dog. Everyone we bumped into laughed at my Mums dogs name (Derek). My dog swam also YAY she hates swimming I don't know why she just isn't a big fan of it but Trin threw a stick and Rosie jumped in after it. This week has been a tough one for me so these little things I did helped me cheer up a bit, my son has been such a handful he has done nothing but scream at me, I would understand if it was because he was in pain but it's not. It is a very angry scream and I don't know what to do anymore :( so if any Mummy's are reading this and have any tips for me please leave me a comment. Thanks guys xxx

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