Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's Sunday

Hello everyone, how's your weekend been? This weekend we were going to take Jared to the beach so I went online to look at trains and they wanted £70.80!!!!! for 2 adult returns. We didn't go to the beach as I refuse to pay that much, I would understand the price if it was far away but it really isn't it would take an hour and half in the car. I need a car. I thought the prices might of been more reasonable as the government etc. are always saying how we should use public transport more and that it is cheaper to use. The only way public transport is cheaper then a car is if you purchase all the different cards they offer for discounts. So how did I spend my Saturday, well we took Jared and Rosie dog over to the park. We fed the ducks, swans and geese. The swans weren't very happy about Rosie being there and were hissing at her so we swiftly moved away from them. Jared enjoyed feeding them all even though he was very tired and hungry at this point. While we were walking alongside the pond we bumped into one of the mums that was on the Neo-Natel ward with her little girl, it was nice to see her we don't often bump into some of the families that were on there but when we do it's nice to how their little one is getting on and see how big they have got. For us when we see the babies it's a big shock seeing how big they have got as when we would of seen them last they would of only been about 4 or 5 pounds. 

Today I'm ordering so craft stuff to start my little picture collage letter for my sisters I will be posting my progress and step by step guide in case you like it and want to try it for yourself. I found the idea on pinterestIf you follow me on there you will notice I'm sort of a pinoholic lol I just can't help it so much stuff that I like on there and things that make me laugh. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and

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