Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Herbalife And A Plumber

Hello all I'm sorry my post is a day late, Monday was a nightmare. The heater tank started making funny sounds late on Sunday and come silly o'clock in the morning the pipes were making a screeching sound so we had to call a plumber out, who informed us it could of blown up or set on fire. So Monday morning our gas/heating man turns up and he is there for hours he done a gas check then checked the pipes and the water tank. He said all is ok which I don't think it is, why would it make a funny noise and nearly explode if it was fine?!  Anyway that is the reason why I never got to update my post. As you know I started Herbalife and it is ok I don't feel so hungry but last night I had a massive headache and felt a bit run down. Not sure if it was because of the lack of food or lack of sleep or both. Today I have had both my shakes and my tablets only problem I'm finding is I'm in the toilet a lot more then I used to be not just for a wee either :-/  I won't be on Herbalife for too long just to shift and kick start my weight loss. Many people I have spoke to are now saying when they come off it they pile it all back on which is why I don't want to stay on it, I need to learn to cook healthier and eat more veg and train my body to eat fruit. I struggle with fruit as the texture makes me gag I can only eat bananas wish I could eat more. Was thinking of getting hypnotized just so I could eat more fruit as I love the tastes, anyone ever tried that?? I'm still happy to give the name of the rugby guy who sells the Herbalife if you are interested in trying it, he offers a 10 day kick start programme which is worth a try. 

Today is a good and bad day for me, the sun is shining my son is in a happy mood and I'm over at my mums house hanging out with the crazy family. On the sad side this time last year I lost my grandad, I was a hormonal weepy mess anyway but when I got the news and went to go see him I honestly thought that I was never going to stop crying I felt my whole body shaking it was awful. R.I.P Grandad you are very missed but I know that you are happy and not in pain anymore hope where ever you are is a lot better then here. Love you. 

Thanks guys xxx

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