Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Crochet Knit?!?

I recently found a group on facebook that make blankets, hats and much more for premature babies. They then send them to around 150 hospitals that have a neo-natal ward, these people are truly lovely people who give up there time and money to help little babies that are fighting for their lives it also helps the parents just by knowing that someone cares and wants to help. As a beginner in crochet it is going to take me a while to crochet some blankets, hats are too advance for me yet. Just wondering if any of you lovely readers of mine can Knit or Crochet and if you can would you like to help the little babies. Here is the website PreemiesUK please just take a look and see if you could help in anyway. I will be posting my progress on my crochet blankets on here keeping you all informed not just with this but also my other creative projects. 
So what else have I been up to I hear you cry!! LOL, well not too much really today I have done nothing but read my psychology work and get prepared for my exam/test that opens tonight at midnight. Wish me luck guys xxx

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