Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bit Of This And A Bit Of That

I have posted much this week due to being ill and trying to keep a baby who is teething and crawling entertained when I have zero energy just takes all my time and effort. I'm mummy's reading this will understand. This week I have had a few strange conversations with Liam, one was about people/bands we were obsessed with. The conversation came about because we had the music channel on and they were on about how crazy One Direction and Just Bieber fans are. It got me thinking about who I was obsessed with the only famous person I was every obsessed with was Eminem, I wrote to him several times (no reply) I had his posters his albums I would even write I love MM on my hand at school. I remember when his film 8 Mile came out me and my friend Robena were trying to convince people who were older than us to buy us ticket so we could go and watch it in the cinema but that never happened and I spent ages crying. So I was wondering who your celebrity obsession is or was? you can email me then and I will do a post about them I will only post first names or anon. 

Also this week I have been getting some low fat healthy recipes as I start a Herbalife diet on Monday, If you haven't heard of Herbalife it's a product that offers a few different things I am doing the weight loss but you can get some to build muscle. I will be documenting my journey on my blog with a update every Monday I will weigh myself and measure my waist and also take a picture and show you all my progress. I bought my Herbalife off of a lady who for medical reason (not related to the product) had to stop, so I only paid £40 but it is normally £140 upwards. I do know of a local rugby player who sells it (and uses it) so if you would be interested in trying this then I can put a link on my post on Monday just comment and let me know so I can make sure it will be ok with him.

Mummy's I need some advice, as I have mentioned my son is teething he seems to have four coming through atm on the top row. I'm I know this can affect his sleeping but I have also cut down his bottles so he only has a morning bottle and one before bed and if he wakes up he will get a bottle then. I'm just wondering when your little ones were nearly a year old, how many bottles were they on? and when did they start sleeping through the night. I speak to the health visitor but we can never get hold of her we leave messages and still nothing we haven't seen her since well before Christmas. I just want to make sure he is getting enough bottles and not too many. What did you find works well for teething babies? we use anbesol liquid and that works to a certain extent just some days his teeth really bother him. 

Anyway guys I will be posting on Sunday as it's my birthday on Saturday so I will be out will my family have a great weekend and please leave some comments let me know about Herbalife and some advice please xxx

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