Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Reading

Ok so on Thursday the 21st I had a reading done online. Basically the man can connect spiritually to the other side some people don't believe but I have always my Nan was into her tarot cards and went to a spiritualist church and also a very close friend of mine also does this. I have seen and heard things that I can't fully explain the reason behind why that happened. The start of my reading a few things were wrong and I felt a little let down and silly, he then mentioned he had a man with him who he felt was either a dad or grandad to me who had respiratory problems when he was alive and asthma, also the need to keep drinking as it helped with his breathing. This was spot on as it described my Grandad, he then went on to mention a apple tree that would of been in a garden (which my Grandad had). Some of you may be reading this and think come on it's all fake blah blah blah. He mentioned that a women in my family used to ride horses as a child and is currently talking about starting up again, after the reading I asked my mum if she was starting riding again and she confirmed that she is talking to a women about when she can go. Kevin (the medium) gave me the names Sarah which is my mum and Spike Milligan now when he said the names to me I had a shiver and was completely shocked to get a first name yes but the full name of someone I know was spooky. I had to e-mail the link to the reading to Spike's mum as she does all this and I knew she would think it was great.

I know many people think it's lame and fake but seriously just give it a shot, Kevin has no set price all he asks for is a donation which is done via Paypal. If you are skeptical then I really would suggest trying it, just so you know my facebook is set to private so he couldn't get any information off there and practically all he said you couldn't find on the internet anyway.  If you are interested in one then contact me and I will give you his facebook details so you can sort a reading out I would also like to hear about your readings if you have had one. xxx

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