Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 7 & 8

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but it was mothers day and all was busy busy.

So day 7's challenge is what is my dream job, I have two dream jobs but one I'm currently working towards getting. When I was 12 I decided I wanted to become an embalmist (for those who are unsure what this is, it's working alongside the dead and preparing the bodies for the funeral and making them look their best) I wanted this job so badly I tried every route to get to do it unfortunately it's a lot harder to get into then you would think. There is a chain of jobs you need to do first and course to complete which are only available if you already work in that business also there is no help with funding and it costs £5000 for just the first stage of becoming fully qualified. So sadly I had to re think what I wanted to do and I want to work in a prison as a psychologist my dream would be to work within the american prisons with some of the worlds most dangerous criminals. People are very interesting and I would love to understand how a killers mind works so for me that would be the best job in the world. 

Day 8
Biggest pet peeve hmm this is tricky as I have a few but I guess the biggest one would be shear ignorance I can not stand it when people just completely ignore your existence. Obviously I have a pram what with having a baby and you would not believe how many people are ignorant they don't move they tut and generally are rude. On a bus a few weeks ago a women started swearing at me because I was trying to sort my pram out so a man with a disabled little boy could fit on the bus and also so an elderly lady could sit down. I'm not a nasty person and I would never behave how some people have treated me in the past I just think people need to be a bit more polite manners cost nothing and I'm more than sure they wouldn't like being treated badly. I hope that this counts as a pet peeve. Let me know yours and your thoughts on my blog xxx

P.S still send in your agony aunty questions will post them up soon all our 100% confidential no names mentioned and you will not be judged.

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