Friday, 8 March 2013

Day 5

Day 5 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge

Today's challenge is favorite movies you never get sick of watching. This is easy for me and I would be very interested to see what yours are and if you agree with some of mine so here goes.

1. Austin Powers all of them I can practically say the words to all of the films but I love them I named my first dog Austin (RIP Aust) and it is a film that has more then just comical value to me.

2. Freddy Got Fingered If you haven't seen it then don't let the title put you off it is funny not genius funny but silly random funny which I think is why I like it.

3. The Boy In Stripped PJs It makes me cry every time and I think it is a great film I love how it captures the innocence of the children it makes me angry aswell as the dad really angers me it is a film that can grab all of my emotions.

4. Alpha Dog this is another great film that makes me cry every time, when I first watched this film I spent hours reading online about the true story and the family that was affected. It really touched my heart and it always will.

They are the films I will never ever get bored of watching and weirdly they aren't in my fav movie genre which is horror I'm such a horror film lover and if I was to include a horror in the above it would be hard to choose between 28 days later and texas chainsaw massacre. Please leave some comments I would love to see what your films are and maybe some I won't have heard of so will give me something to watch. 

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