Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 4

31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 4  Best Childhood Memory!!

I have a very good brain that allows me to remember a lot its crazy I can remember things about when I lived in a block of flats in Newbury as a toddler. So I have loads of childhood memories but I guess my best ones were with my Nan, she was amazing gave the best cuddles and I miss her very much. When I was at my Nan's when Gladiator was on the TV I would put my Gladiator outfit on (a carrier bag with the bottom corners cut off and the handles as straps) and climb all on her sofa. We would go on holidays too which were great and in 2000 the last holiday I ever had with her she nominated me for a tiger club badge for being really helpful I still have the badge in it's box. I would dress up a lot at my Nan's wear her shoes and skirts and even her clip on earrings she had (never understood why she had these she had her ears pierced). On a Friday we would sometimes go to a kebab van sam mans which they still have in Newbury. I stayed over every weekend and we would go into town and round to the local shop and we would get some sweets crunchies, cadbury marble and loads more. Some of my other childhood memories are of playing with my cousin Alyssia we would usual argue as I would lose at something lol, I would then storm over to my house then about half an hour later go back round. A very good memory with Alyssia is when our mums were drinking some homemade wine, they then covered us is squirty cream so we had to get a bath which had a huge spider floating in after Alyssia's mum tipped all the toys in. I have so many great things I would love to share with you all but Alyssia would kill me if I mentioned one and the others are sometimes too great to share at the moment. 

This post on my blog is for my Nan who I miss so much its been nearly 13 years and everyday I wish I could just have one more cuddle or tell you I love you. Trying to hold the tears back so I'm going to go now bye for today readers xxx

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  1. Two right I'd kill you if you mentioned that one thing! There are some things you just don't mention on the internet!