Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day 25 & 26

Day 25 and I have to describe my location. Well what can I say about Wakefield it's a nothern city close to Leeds I personally would just call it a town. It has a prison which is big and it is high security, the city is a bit of an odd one it has nice bits next to not so nice bits. We have a rugby team called Wakefield Trinity Wildcats I'm not big on sport but I don't mind watching these guys (big muscly men in short). I wouldn't say it is the nicest area going but if you don't go near the rough areas you will be fine. There are a few small towns and villages surrounding Wakefield and some are nice little areas. Wakefield is known for it's drinking and the Westgate run which is a stretch of pubs and clubs not really my cup of tea but hey if your near and you like to drink you can now challenge yourself to tackle this. I have actually just came across an article about Wakefield and it amused me slightly, I would like to add that I don't hate Wakefield it just isn't my favorite place in the UK. (http://www.chavtowns.co.uk/2004/11/wakefield/)

Day 26 my favorite food this is easy it has always been Chinese food I love the noodles the rice and the sweet and sour chicken. I have a all you can eat Chinese buffet near me that I have been to a number of times and I eat nothing for the whole day if I know I'm going.
So I have caught up and I will get this review on Leeds Trinity done sorry it's taking so long. 

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