Monday, 18 March 2013

Day 15

I have to list 10 things that make me awesome I'm not too good at bigging myself up but it's part of the challenge so I have to do my very best.

1. I'm a southerner in my eyes that is pretty awesome :) hehe
2. I make cakes, biscuits, loads of puddings and even dinners all from scratch for people and they do look and taste very good.
3. I'm not sure if this fully counts as awesome but I would be impressed by it I write to people on death row and find out all about their crimes, life and views on their crime. It takes a while but when you get information they have never told anyone it makes you feel happy in a odd way.
4. My dog makes me awesome anyone who has a border collie is awesome because lets face it they are such awesome dogs. (Other dogs are also awesome I can list many but my doggy is a collie)
5. Oh I speak to a rugby player on a regular basis he has even been in my house he plays for the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats rugby league team and has just been picked for the England team. Rugby players are so much more down to earth then footballers.

This is getting a bit tricky now I'm kind of just picking facts that I guess I would be impressed by and think that makes that person awesome.
6. I have a aunt who lives in Florida (Tampa Bay) who I will be going to visit next year super excited about that.
7. I always have time for people and I put my needs last all the time.
8. I can drive that is awesome right?! (Note I don't currently have a car I sold it to buy things for my son and get somewhere to live for my little family)
9. I'm a blogger 
10. What makes me so so awesome is that I'm a mum to Jared even if you don't find that awesome my son will always think I'm awesome (he has no choice lol) 

That was much harder then I thought it would be, Try it and see for yourself comment and let me no why you are awesome or even do a blog post about it with a link to your blog and I will comment. Thanks for reading peeps xxx

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