Friday, 22 March 2013

Catch up

Hello Readers and fellow bloggers I've had a lot on so haven't been so dedicated as normal I'm going to catch up with the 31 day challenge and I hopefully I will have some time to tell you all about my reading I had of a medium I will just say WOW may even be able to post the link to the recording for you to hear.

Day 18
Where am I happiest, I'm most happiest when I'm with my friends and family down south I miss them all very much and I love visiting them all and re-visiting memories. I am happy where ever I am to be honest as I'm used to adjusting to places and I don't think places make a person happy as such it's more the feelings connected to the place. (You can see why I study psychology lol).

Day 19
5 Blogs I read 
Rose Tinted World which is wrote by my cousin who also suggested the blogging world to me.
Fancy Desscapades It's a fun and helpful blog for fancy dress and dressing in general really.
Adventures of a yorkshire mummy its a parent blog which I really enjoy reading.
We all think differently 
I'm counting UFO's
Do you have a blog? or can you recommend any always happy to read others blogs 

Day 20
What do I collect I have just recently stop collecting it due to not having the time to carry on with the hobby but I was collecting the Crochet magazines and I was really enjoying them but it was so hard trying to find the time to crochet do uni cook clean and be a mum so I had to give it up as it was just £30 a month being wasted.

Day 21
My biggest fear, I'm petrified by spiders they are my kryptonite. If there is one in my path I freeze no matter the size of them I just can't move and I scream so loud. Once I had a rather large spider on my back and I was in my mums kitchen and I asked her if I had a spider on me (every tickle I think it's a spider) my mums response was "Don't move" so naturally I freaked out and whipped my top off threw it across the room and cried. So spiders are my biggest fear always will be I reckon I'm that paranoid I might get attacked by one I check corners of rooms before going in them. 

Day 22
If I ever get a day when I'm home alone which is very very rare I'm kind of boring I have a bath, catch up on work and just relax and enjoy the peace.

Sorry I have been a bit lax a daisy lately but I haven't felt too good and just haven't had the time I will try and keep up to date I promise. I will post about the reading I had done and also my thoughts on the new shopping place in Leeds (Leeds Trinity) as taking a trip there tomorrow off to the 1D pop up shop xxx

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